Are you worried about telling your weed smoking friends that you are trying to quit weed?  Then don’t.

From a philosophical standpoint, it shouldn’t matter what your friends think.  After all, who are you quitting for anyway?  Yourself or them?

The truth is we care immensely what our friends think, even to our own detriment.  We are social creatures.  We want to be part of a tribe.  We are genetically wired this way.  Going it alone leaves us exposed and unprotected.

Besides, telling them up front could be an impediment to successfully quitting.  They are going to exert peer pressure, which may cause you to smoke more.  Also, what if you don’t succeed in the beginning?  They will put your failure under the microscope and even if it’s in a good natured way, this will make you succumb to the norm of the tribe again.

Try to stay away from them for awhile if at all possible and go hang out with some non-weed smoking friends.  Maybe now’s the time to make some non-stoner friends.

What to Say to Your Weed Smoking Friends

Eventually though, you will have to hook up with them.  So when they hand you that joint, here’s some things to say while you’re in that initial stage of quitting weed.  Use the one that best fits your situation:

  • “Man, I wish I could smoke but they’ve starting drug testing at my job.”
  • “I’m applying for a job and expect a drug test as a condition of employment, so I’ve got to layoff for now.”
  • “I’m getting over a bad cold and don’t want to get you guys sick”
  • “I have a sinus infection and don’t want to make it worse.”
  • “I’m taking medicine right now that might make me pass out if I smoke weed.” (Of course, be prepared to explain what kind of medicine this is.)
  • “Thanks but no thanks, I’m taking a tolerance break, next time.”

There are 100 variations on these.  You get the picture.

Your Options Moving Forward

Eventually though, you’ve got one of three options ahead of you, that is if you quit and want to stay quit:

  1. You can no longer hang with this crowd.
  2. You can hang with this crowd but only very sparingly.
  3. They can accept that you no longer smoke weed and be respectful of your choice while you can hang with them and be strong enough not to smoke.

This is your life and only you know which of these three options is best for you.

Any kind of major change is hard.  Take it in small increments while mentally preparing for the necessary changes ahead.  Keep reminding yourself of WHY you decided to quit smoking weed.