As the owner of this site, I like to keep abreast of developments in the weed addiction field, so I can guide others on how to stop smoking weed.  More and more people are hooked on weed each year. The probable causes? The rising levels of THC in their cannabis– THC being the compound that gives them their ‘high’ and the widespread legal availability.

They can’t achieve sobriety because their withdrawal symptoms are too extreme. Worse still, unlike heroin and other drug types, there’s no medical treatment for weed. However, there is one surprising alternative for quitting weed and it’s CBD Hemp Oil.

I’ve been reading and researching a lot about CBD oil which is an extract of both cannabis and hemp. It can help people to shut the door on weed. Ironic isn’t it, that the best supplement for excessive cannabis can actually be contained in cannabis itself? CBD oil has also been shown it may help with depression, anxiety, sleep and the grouchiness that comes when you quit smoking weed. It may even help with the urges that can lead to a relapse. If you’d like to learn more about CBD Oil we’ve prepared an excellent article on the benefits of CBD Hemp Oil. If you’re interested in some of the science behind CBD.

What is CBD Oil?

CBD (cannabidiol) is one of two main compounds in cannabis. The other is THC which is responsible for the intoxicating effects in weed that can mess up your body and brain.  CBD doesn’t cause a high but it’s gaining more and more attention because of its healing effects. CBD oil is being researched around the world because of the many conditions it helps support.

I’ve found that when most people think of legal cannabis use, they think only in terms of medical marijuana which is allowed in some states. It’s prescribed by doctors for specific ailments and sold by registered dispensaries. It can have a THC content that’s very high or very low.

Many people who want to know how to stop smoking weed are unaware that you can do so legally with CBD oil, another cannabis extract. It doesn’t require a prescription, and it can be bought online in any state. CBD is legally extracted from a type of cannabis plant called industrial hemp. It’s then processed into oil and sold. The CBD hemp oil contains very low levels of THC – around 0.3 percent. That’s the THC limit that industrial hemp goods are allowed to have by law. But this amount is too insignificant to cause a high, but it may show up on some drug tests.

How’s CBD Used for Quitting Weed?

Studies have linked CBD oil to reduced substance dependence. That should be good news if you’re unclear about how to stop smoking weed. Clinical trials have shown that CBD minimizes the symptoms that arise from prolonged use of high THC type marijuana. It may also be effective in easing withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting weed such as anxiety, paranoia, and insomnia. As a part of a natural weed detox program used in withdrawals it may really help you get through it. Research is showing how CBD Oil may reduce relapses in addiction and help get you through weed withdrawal. Don’t be surprised to see major drug companies coming out with CBD-based drugs at very high prices.

CBD works for the general well-being of bodies ravaged by prolonged weed use. It boosts your body’s endocannabinoid system which is important for regulating the nervous, digestive, reproductive, and muscular systems.

Multiple research projects around the world have been showing CBD oils may help with many gnarly symptoms of weed withdrawal. One of the worst and most common symptom of cannabis withdrawal is the depression that occurs so often. Depression after quitting weed causes many people to relapse. Our feeling is that quitting weed is so difficult, even using our Complete Guide to Quitting Weed, that you should use whatever tools you have available to help get you through the withdrawals.

A research example from Brazil is very positive.  In this case, when a 19-year old  from Sao Paulo decided to quit weed after taking it solidly from the age of 13, she naturally experienced terrible withdrawal symptoms. But with the help of CBD oil she overcame these symptoms. A few days later, she quit weed. How’s that for an inspiring story?

Is CBD Safe?

One of my central concerns about any product is whether it’s safe to use. The CBD market is fairly new so transparency and quality control are limited. Further, only a few states where cannabis is legal, have allowed farmers licenses to grow the hemp commercially. So internal supplies are limited and expensive. Another problem is that hemp tends to absorb contaminated substances such as mercury and lead from the soil around it. And cleaning it up is an expensive process.  So much of the hemp for CBD oil is imported externally from countries like China, Romania, and Canada. But quality controls are not always strictly observed.

To ensure that the CBD oil you buy is best for quitting weed, I would advise you to ensure your supplier provides you with certified proof that the product has been tested at a reputable laboratory, has the correct potency, and is free of harmful solvents, metals and pesticides.  If these guarantees are not forthcoming, the provider is suspect. I suggest you steer well clear.

To help you choose a product that is grown organically, extracted without chemical solvents and continually laboratory tested for purity and strength read our article on the CBD brands we have vetted.

How to use CBD Products for Quitting Weed

There are numerous ways to take the CBD oil when quitting weed. I’ve found that with any newer product, you have to experiment till you find what suits you. In matters of dosage, you could start off small with, say, 5mg and build up slowly to a serving that works best for you. That’s how to quit smoking weed gradually.

I know from my own personal experience that I had to try 3 brands and experiment with the dosage before I found one that worked well for me. Please don’t give up if the first brand you try doesn’t work well for you. Also, you want to be sure to give it enough time to do its job. I’d say at least a week.

An area of lots of talk in the CBD community is whether the basic extract of CBD is best or whether brands that have the different cannabidiols in them work best. After so many years in the natural movement my feeling is that you should always go with full spectrum. Only CBD has been widely researched and with time I believe there will be more and more research coming out on what the other cannabidiols do for us.

Some online health shops have a wide selection of tools for taking in the CBD oils effectively. Here are some.

  1. Vape

Simply heat the oil then inhale it via an e-cigarette, vape pen or vaporizer. You may need to do it more often than other methods because it’s a quick method whose effects wear off quickly. Since many people smoke weed vaping might be comforting since it’s like smoking. It is more expensive than tinctures and capsules.

  1. Tincture

The tincture method is a simple and direct way of quitting weed. Use the oil dropper to apply a few drops under your tongue. This is by far the most popular way of taking CBD Hemp Oil. It’s economical and easy to take. The downside is that some people don’t like the taste although many companies have flavored versions. Personally this is my favorite because I can adjust the dosage as I use it.

  1. Capsule

Take one capsule with water each day or as directed on the label. This is a fast and easy way to take CBD Hemp. You can take a capsule anywhere without drawing attention to yourself. It’s also about as economical as the tinctures.

  1. Topical

Some brands are now including CBD oil in lotions, lip balms and other skin products. This way, they can be effective against addiction related problems such as chronic pain and inflammation. This would not be a use when quitting weed.

  1. Edible

How to quit smoking weed with CBD edibles? Make the oil a delicious addition to your cooking or baking, or use it as a salad dressing or bread spread.

  1. Spray

They are known to have the weakest concentration of CBD Hemp  with levels ranging from 1-3mg but these levels can still be effective for quitting weed. The oil is sprayed into the mouth. A single dosage can be around 3 sprays. Not many companies offer sprays at this time.


These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always check with your physician before starting a new dietary supplement program. * Cannabidiol (CBD) is a natural constituent of hemp oil.