Over the last year, many of you have asked me to direct you toward resources to help you quit smoking weed. Maybe you want to know should I stop smoking weed.

Your wish is my command. Here’s a list of both free and paid resources to help in quitting marijuana.

I hope you can find at least one thing here that will help you start breaking free of the marijuana habit and rediscover the self you were before you began smoking.

Free Resources To Help You Quit Weed

Even though I’m not personally a fan of Twelve Step programs, I give kudos to Marijuana Anonymous for being the first organization to ever take marijuana dependence seriously. When you’re quitting marijuana you can’t do it alone, you need support.

You also have to credit them for offering lots of information and for being free (they do ask for donations though and rightfully so if you actually benefit from their meetings). Here’s the link to their site:

Forums to Help you quit smoking weed

Engaging with other people who are going through the same thing you are can be a big help and online forums are a great way to do this.  My only complaint about the forums is that sometimes they seem to focus too much on the “woe is me” rather than the “yes I can”.

My personal favorite is the Reddit Leaves forum. People are very honest with the struggeles they’re having going through weed withdrawal and staying off of weed. The people on this forum have been through it and can really help.

Here are four of the best forums that I know of:


Meditiation is very popular for a good reason. It can really help with getting your life under your control. Many people who have stopped smoking weed use it to help them. Anyone who gets into meditating regularly will tell you it’s well worth the effort and goes a long way in solving life’s problems.  When you’re quitting marijuan meditation can be a big help. Here’s a link to the best meditation guide on the net:


Keeping a diary is another one of those things that help you down the path of self discovery but can be awkward to get started.  Journaling can help you track your feelings, cravings and symptoms as you go through weed withdrawal and struggle with staying clean. Here’s a really easy way to get started:

Books on Marijuana Dependence

There seem to be triple the number of books on marijuana dependence than there were just a couple of years ago.  These are my two favorites:

The Secret Addiction: Overcoming Your Marijuana Dependency

by Dr. Tony Deramus

This was the first book I got when I first decided to stop smoking weed. It’s the most highly rated book on Amazon about weed addiction. It really helped me to begin to understand marijuana dependency and to firm up my resolve to quit weed. It’s a really good read, and a great compliment to the our Ulitmate Guide To Quitting Weed.


Marijuana: The Unbiased Truth about the World’s Most Popular Weed

by Dr. Kevin P. Hill

This is an awesome book because the author does not take sides. Dr. Hill is completely non-judgmental about those who can smoke weed on rare occasions without getting addicted. He also gives a lot of clinical proof that there is such a thing as marijuana addiction. However, the most important aspect of this book is how marijuana significantly impacts developing (teenage) brains.



For those of you interested in detoxification only, I don’t have any specific product I can recommend from first hand experience. However, the guys below claim to be forensic scientists, offer support via phone, and guarantee their product.  So if you need to detox fast for a drug test or some other reason, you may want to check them out:


Although many weed dependent smokers find they can get control of their habit through means other than rehab, there are times when rehab is the only solution left especially when weed use is mixed up with other drugs and psychological issues. This is nothing to be ashamed of when it means getting life back on track.

The greatest obstacle to rehab is the expense and admission process. If this is something you need assistance with, check out the following links:

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