With weed now being legalized across the nation, we are seeing more young people willing to get high. A subculture has been born in resistance to marijuana’s prolonged criminalization. If you’re one of the many who wants to know how to stop smoking weed, you may find yourself questioning this subgroup.

There’s good that can be found in this. For a while, people were going to jail just for having a little weed on them. Admittedly, someone shouldn’t go behind bars just because they want to get high.

Yet, there is the bad. With more people open to trying marijuana, more will end up dependent on it.

If you find yourself a part of the current generation, you’ll find it hard to want to learn how to quit smoking marijuana. I say this because there’s so much praise being granted towards the plant’s newfound reputation.

If all those around you are convinced that getting high is a safe habit, why shouldn’t you? 

The Lack of Belief in Marijuana Addiction 

Many people are disbelievers in the fact that addiction symptoms occur with marijuana use. They have two reasons for this:

  1. Weed has a great deal of medical potential.
  2. Weed is a psychedelic and mostly affects the brain. Therefore, it can only be mentally addicting rather than the physical addictions of stimulants and depressants.

To be honest, these people aren’t necessarily wrong. Rather, they’re overlooking the consequences of marijuana as an excuse to keep smoking it.

Though THC chemicals aren’t as strong as something like opium, they still play their role. If you smoke chronically, your body becomes accustomed to the effects. It genuinely wants more intake even without the experience of severe withdrawal.

However, marijuana withdrawal is a real issue. If you’d like to know more about it, we have a more in-depth article: marijuana withdrawal symptoms

To sum it up, THC stays in the body for months after quitting cold turkey. Without proper detox, your body rids the chemicals over a lengthy amount of time. With these chemicals still in you, the urge to smoke is considerably apparent.

If you want to learn how to stop smoking weed, take a look at our detox. The majority of people in your position take this step in order to flush out their system. Starting anew without the urge to get high.

If you’re interested in a detox; quit weed quide 

Modern Marijuana’s Potency 

One of the reasons addiction exists is because of how much stronger weed is nowadays. Just about twenty years ago, marijuana had a THC level of 10% or less. Since then, it has grown to 30% or more.

The powerful effects of modern marijuana are part of the reason people have trouble quitting. With the body in taking more THC, it expects more in the long run.

With legalization, weed has been allowed to develop to what it is today. This is a great step in terms of medical use. However, for the average user, it’s only giving them more of a kick.

When learning how to quit smoking weed, as mentioned, you’re going to need a detox. Though they’ve always existed, detoxes are becoming more prominent with THC levels rising. 

Millennial Hippies Advocating Marijuana Use 

Fifty years ago, the 1960’s counterculture took America by storm. For our sake, they gave a new light to smoking weed, claiming it to be a peaceful experience. Since then, there’s been a constant struggle to get the substance legalized.

At the turn of the millennium, we saw more of the possibility for legal marijuana use. Now, nearly two decades later, it’s certain weed will be legal in America at some point. This is what’s charging the subculture of potheads. With legalization, the drug is becoming more socially acceptable.

With this, the stoners of the 21st century advocate all that’s good out of smoking pot. No doubt, there is good in THC’s effects. However, these millennial hippies often ignore the downsides of marijuana intake. Mostly because it would go against their habits.

Young people are getting the notion that marijuana isn’t addictive. Those around them (usually of the same age) are the ones pushing this idea further. Just like the 60’s, there’s a hype in the generation that everyone wants to be a part of. This hype is simply the enjoyment of getting stoned without the paranoia of the law.

If you want to learn how to stop smoking weed, you’re going to have to look away from this subculture. I understand that there’s something happening and we all want to join in. But if you focus on this selected group of people, you’ll only be forgetting yourself. More notably, your reasons for wanting to quit. 


Maybe there was a time when you were heavily a part of this subculture. Maybe you don’t want to necessarily leave it, but reduce your intake of marijuana. Whatever your case may be, when cutting down or quitting marijuana, the subculture isn’t going to help you.

As stated, they’re certain of their “non-addictive” habit to a point where it’s becoming harder to get the scientific facts to them. These facts being that marijuana withdrawal is an issue and that THC plays a huge role in our lives when smoked chronically. As someone looking to quit, this must be something you decide to ignore.

When figuring out how to stop smoking weed, it’s important to think about your own health. You’ve made this decision for a reason. Though it can be a struggle, we at believe in your reasoning.