When quitting marijuana, an important factor to consider is anxiety. This is for three reasons.

1.) You may smoke pot to relieve anxiety.

2.) If you quit, you may feel as though your anxiety levels are increasing.

3.) On the contrary, smoking marijuana only seems to induce anxiety.

THC works differently for everyone. Therefore, not everyone responds to marijuana and anxiety the same. Some will defend that smoking weed gives them a source of solace. Others will protest that pot makes them nervous and uncomfortable.

Whatever your case may be, learning how to stop smoking weed could have some sort of effect with anxiety. Whether large or small. It all depends on how your brain reacts to THC. You’ll either be in a situation where you feel more or less anxiety as your body detoxes.

The Good; Marijuana Relieving Anxiety

Science has already proven marijuana to be reliable with certain medical treatments. To anyone with such a condition, it’s safe to say that medicinal weed (taken properly) will do you much good. Relieving many of the anxieties that can be attached to a particular illness.

However, let’s talk in terms of recreational use. People who get high in their own time have also defended marijuana’s comfort with personal anxieties. Part of their reason has to do with the relaxing feelings experienced after smoking. These feelings are a reaction to anandamide. THC and our anandamide work together in creating happiness, muscle tranquility, and sleepiness.

Due to these effects, people often use marijuana as a relief system. All the stresses of daily life can be forgotten with a couple of tokes. Just as the hippies of the 60’s felt, weed gives off a peaceful vibe some people seek out.

This is one of the benefits of medicinal marijuana being more widely available. If used responsibly, weed can without a doubt change a person’s mood for the better. Realistically speaking, this is a safer alternative as to the addicting prescription medication more commonly associated with anxiety.

Understanding Anxiety Relief When Quitting Marijuana

You may find yourself feeling this way towards marijuana. Yet, you still wish to figure out how to quit smoking weed for reasons outside anxiety. But with what has been mentioned, you worry your anxiety levels will go up upon quitting. This is understandable and you are not the alone.

When it comes to detoxing your body of THC chemicals, there’s going to be some changes in your thought process. Nothing out of this world. Simply, what was once a dependability will no longer be an option.

If you worry that quitting marijuana will cause an increase in anxiety, then read on. There are other options for relieving stress. It’s important that people who decide to quit pot learn about these options rather than letting a doctor prescribe medication.

The Bad; Anxiety During Marijuana Withdrawal

If you’re new to the idea of learning how to quit smoking weed, it will benefit you to know why you’ve made the decision. This is something that should be thought about without any shame. Some people jump to the conclusion that they want to quit and don’t truly understand why. If this is your case, I’d suggest reading;

To properly diminish anxiety without the aid of pot you must understand your decisions in quitting. This alone will relieve much confusion you may have. Don’t be afraid to take some time to grasp what you’re really after when quitting marijuana.

The reason I mention this is because of what’s going to happen to your body during withdrawal. Yes, marijuana withdrawal is a real issue, especially when it comes to chronic smokers. No, it’s not nearly as painful as a withdrawal from harder drugs, but it still plays its course. Reason being is your body is used to a continuous influx of THC. The chemical has made a home within specific areas of your body and will remain there for months.

If you’d like to learn about a natural detox; DETOX HELP

If you find yourself agreeing when I say that marijuana can be an aid to anxiety, there’s little to worry when quitting. The fact is that some uncertain thoughts over the quitting process may lead you to think you shouldn’t stop smoking. However, I can safely say your body isn’t looking to reduce anxiety levels with weed. In fact, it’d prefer more natural options.

Suggestions to Relieving Anxiety While Quitting Marijuana

The reason for this is that dependability on any substance causes addictive tendencies. Whether big or small. If you use marijuana to reduce anxiety, you seek it out more than you may be aware.

Though it’s good you’ve found a reasonably safe option for such relief, there are other options you’ve been missing out on. For example, meditation has the ability to give off the same peaceful qualities weed is known for.

Eating healthy, practicing breathing techniques and calming yourself through art. These are all viable options you might not have considered. They’re also great methods when experiencing withdrawals.

The issue with using marijuana as a relief mechanism is you may be convincing your body that it is the only way to rid anxieties. This leads to the addictive tendencies I warn about.

It’s important to understand how your body and mind work. Figuring out how to stop smoking weed is figuring out how to deal with the problems weed used to solve. Here at, we aim to help you understand these dilemmas.

The Ugly; Marijuana Inducing Anxiety

Back when I was a chronic user, I had a friend who likewise smoked daily. The difference between us was marijuana made him extremely antisocial. He once told me it was due to his anxiety. I objected by bringing up that maybe weed was doing him more harm than good. However, he was in love with getting high on his own.

Being that my friend was an antisocial smoker, he found pleasure in smoking pot on his own terms. Yet, this led to a series of bad habits. He’d get so paranoid while under the influence (which he was a majority of his day) that he avoided regular activities. These being; going to restaurants, visiting family members and even hanging out with friends.

You’d figure he’d have an understanding that weed wasn’t doing him any good. The problem was he was so in love with the feeling of being high that he saw no reason to quit. He didn’t think these abnormal behaviors were anything to worry about.

Like I said, THC works differently for everyone. Some people, such as my friend, can handle smoking weed only if they allow the high to manipulate their daily life. Other people can’t manage the feeling of being stoned.

Explanation for Marijuana and Anxiety

This can be seen in states like Colorado where legalization has been put into effect. With the new law has come a new interest in tourism. People are traveling to the state to experience smoking pot legally. Because of this, many tourists have entered hospitals due to panic attacks while high.

It’s given that many of these tourists most likely had little experience with marijuana previously. Therefore, they didn’t necessarily know what they were getting themselves into. But what about the smoker who’s been high many times and still feels anxiety. This user is already aware that the height of THC’s effects are fairly short. Yet, they find themselves continuing to smoke and in the end, inducing their own anxiety.

Studies have shown that marijuana use can be linked with psychosis. In fact, it shows similar effects on the user’s mind as that to someone diagnosed with schizophrenia. Because of this, the paranoid brain has the inability to filter out certain stimuli. This is what ends up triggering hallucinations and/or a sense of heightened significance.

If you’re one of these smokers that experiences uneasiness while high, consider quitting. Your brain is telling you that marijuana isn’t helping your anxiety.


As I repeat, marijuana works differently for everyone. No two people are going to react to THC the same. Some may feel a relief in stress while others feel intensified anxiety. Whichever you find for yourself, weed isn’t a solution.

If you’re like how I once was and want to know how to quit smoking weed, you have your own personal reasoning. Whether it has to do with anxiety or not, we at take the effort to understand everyone’s reasoning.