Quitting Weed and Your Relationships

Have you ever had a relationship, platonic or intimate, that revolved around smoking weed?  Are you currently in such a relationship?  How do you even know if your relationship or friendship with someone is centered on weed use?

Weed impacts all our relationships in our life in ways that may be hard to see when you’re in them. Social withdrawal is a common symptom of weed use. Many people who may be thinking of quitting weed worry about losing their friends and making new friends when they’ve quit weed.

Here’s a way to test it, if you’re both willing:  go one month without smoking weed when you’re around each other.

Did you spend more time or less time with each other?  Did your relationship stay the same, get better or get worse?

If you spent less time with each other or your relationship deteriorated, then you have your answer.

Whether you use this test hypothetically or in reality, it begs some uncomfortable questions:

Could the relationship survive without weed use?  Would you change it if you could?

As social creatures, our relationships with other human beings are perhaps the most important aspect of our lives.  We are genetically predisposed to being part of a tribe.  Even loners, in their heart of hearts, don’t really want to be alone.

When I look back on my own life, I clearly recall hanging around certain people only because they had weed.  I also suspect that I’ve had certain acquaintances who thought I was cool mainly because I had weed.

The object in either situation was not so much to really get to know and appreciate the other person as it was to get stoned. Or, at least, the driving factor behind the continuation of these relationships was weed use.  Had either one of us decided to quit weed, the other most likely would have started spending more time with other fellow stoners.

I didn’t see it that way at the time because my entire life was weed centric.  As was theirs.

Luckily, I had an older and wiser friend once say to me, “Rick, we don’t always have to meet up just to get stoned.”  That friendship is now based on other common interests and intellectual stimulation, a high much better than that of weed and a much more solid foundation of friendship.

I pose these questions on weed based relationships because I think it is something very important to ponder for anyone who is trying to remove weed as the centerpiece of their daily routine.

Our relationships with other people have a profound influence on the way we run our own lives.  If you’ve decided to quit weed, you need to be prepared for the way certain relationships in your life are going to change.

Some of your real relationships, the ones not based on weed, are going to improve.  Some relationships might not change at all.  Others will cease to exist.

What’s scary is not knowing for sure which relationship is which.

What’s absolutely terrifying for some of you is the fear that the relationship you hold most dear right now could be the one that is most weed centric but you just don’t know for sure yet.  By quitting weed you could be severely upsetting the balance of this relationship.

But who is your most important relationship really with?  Answer:  Yourself.

It’s almost cliché now to say that “you cannot truly love anyone else unless you love yourself.”  The fact remains though that this old saying is timeless and true.  So if you’re feeling conflicted about how certain relationships might change when you quit weed, just remember who it is you’re quitting for:  YOU.

If you decided to quit weed to stop loathing yourself or to improve your life in any way, then you can’t let any relationship stand in your way, not even it it’s your significant other or best friend.  Besides, you don’t even know if it’s based on weed or mutual admiration and respect until you quit weed.

There’s no better person for whom to change any habit other than YOU! Our complete advanced guide to quitting weed is absolutely FREE!

Do this and the relationships you desire with other people will eventually fall into place, maybe not right away, and probably not without some pain involved, but at least you will know they are not based on weed.