I woke up at 4:30AM yesterday morning and couldn’t get back to sleep – too many thoughts buzzing around in my mind.  So I just laid there about 10 more minutes, got up, and made some coffee.

As per my usual morning routine, I went straight to my laptop and began writing but the words wouldn’t come out.  I felt as if I had nothing left to give creatively.

It dawned on me that I hadn’t taken a full, complete day off in about 3 months.  Four separate projects consume even my weekends.  You know how it is.  Got to pay the bills, get ahead, save for tomorrow, etc.

high without weed

Water + Rocks + Sounds of Nature = Pure Zen

Thinking About Weed Then Thinking Better

There was the fleeting thought that if I had some weed, I could press on with my work load – but it was only temporary feeling, thank God .  Didn’t want to go down that slippery slope again.

A voice deep inside my brain, getting louder and louder, kept saying, “get outside, get outside!”  So I did.

With hiking boots on, a full water bottle, and some trail mix, I got in the truck and headed out of town.  My destination was a hiking trail I had heard about but never been down called Ravens Cliffs Falls.

Along the way I stopped at a diner in a small town and ordered a medium rare ribeye (sorry, vegan friends) with eggs, hash browns, and toast.  It was the best damn breakfast I’d had all year.  The country girl who waited on me was just as nice as she could be and the atmosphere burbled pleasantly with the easy conversation of retirees and small town denizens.

I got to the trail head around 9:00 AM.  There were only two other cars there, just how I wanted it.  I didn’t want my visit with Mother Earth to have too many interruptions.


Staring up at the sky as I fall asleep.

A Real Natural High

There’s something about the woods that totally erases my mind.  Nothing else ever seems to do this for me.  About half a mile in, I was in a total trance.

I came across four turkey hens who cocked their heads in curiosity at me, as if they were saying, “What are you doing here?”  I just looked back and smiled, bade them a good morning, and continued on.

Above I heard the distinctive scream of a red tail hawk.  No doubt she was scanning the woods for the fat squirrels scampering about gathering nuts.

At a high shoals, I stopped to stare at the water fall restlessly into a deep pool glimmering with sunshine.  A light wind sent yellow leaves dancing to the ground like snowflakes.

I was mesmerized, totally in the moment.  I was as high as a kite.  But I didn’t smoke weed to get there, mother nature got me there.

A lady passed by with her Labrador, they were both grinning from ear to ear.  They were both just as high as I was.

I arrived at the end of the trail where two high sheer rock cliffs, about five stories tall, were split by a narrow waterfall.   The scene had a very Paleolithic feel.  Nothing else mattered here.

I was amazed at how easy the last 2.5 miles had gone, but I hadn’t been keeping track of time.  There was no need to.

I dallied at the Ravens Cliffs for awhile and headed back down the trail.

getting high without marijuana

Little rocks stacked on a big rock.

Feeling Alive

About halfway back, I began to feel sleepy, like Dorothy and her friends did in the poppy field.  (No, I wasn’t taking opium.)  So I found a large rock along the creek that had just the perfect arch for my back, laid down, looked up through the tree tops to the turquoise sky, and drifted to sleep to the song of the rushing water.

Shortly, I woke up with a start, feeling alive…..alive.

I was high all day and I still feel it’s residual effects today, and I got high without smoking marijuana or taking any drug.

Come to think of it, had I smoked pot before or during the hike, I wouldn’t have gotten nearly as high as I did without it.