If you aim to quit marijuana, you have to replace it with positive habits.  When you feel the urge to smoke weed, you must have a list of back up activities to choose from that will help you quit marijuana.  While there are several behaviors to avoid in order to quit marijuana, this article outlines some positive strategies to a better lifestyle.  Here are five things I like to do to get my mind off of marijuana.

5 Replacement Habits to Quit Marijuana

Your list may be longer, shorter, or totally different from mine.  The point is to know what you’re going to do to cope with the urge.  I’m sharing my list just to give you an idea of what your own personalized list can look like:

  • Write

Writing helps me clarify my feelings and shut out thoughts other than the thing I’m writing about.  Once I’ve written a few paragraphs, even if it’s something the rest of the world will never see, I have a feeling of accomplishment which bolsters my self esteem thereby lessening my urge to smoke.

  • Read

Just like writing, reading forces my attention onto one thing and once I get into the thing I’m reading, it’s a true escape.

  • Exercise

Exercise is great when my mind is all over the place.  One of the things that always made me smoke is that I often find myself thinking about too many things at once, not knowing which thought to follow up on first.  When I exercise, I let my mind go wild and after about 30 minutes of exertion, I find that I have “exorcized” my demons.

  • Clean

An unkempt environment can be a subliminal distraction that makes one want to escape.  The organization in one’s home reflects the organization in one’s mind.  I have found that coming home to a clean living space makes me feel more calm and peaceful thus reducing the urge to smoke.

  •  Get Out

The marijuana habit dies hard.  Simply sitting in the space where I used to smoke makes me think about getting high.  When this happens, I get out of the house.  Whether I walk or drive, I might not have any particular idea of where I’m headed.  It’s the change of scenery that helps me get my mind off of smoking marijuana.