Finally, A Proven, Step-By-Step Plan to

Quit Smoking Weed and Turn Your Life Around For Good
Something has happened. A little switch in your mind flipped on and said, “THAT’S ENOUGH!”

You know what I’m talking about…

You’re at the point where if you keep going, you’ll smoke yourself deeper into despair, numbing not only the pain, the hurt, the guilt, but also every chance of ever living the life you once hoped for.


When you try to quit, does it feel like something is still gripping you?

Even though…

…Your relationships are suffering because all you can think about is your next smoke.

…You’re tired of being stuck in the foggy haze of weed and not being able to think clearly.

…Perhaps you’re just tired that all your energy, money, and focus is spent on it.

…Or maybe you keep telling yourself it’s not a big deal, but you know it’s a lie.

…You might be fearful you won’t be able to handle the withdrawal symptoms and relapse.

Weed served you once, but it doesn’t serve you anymore.

The truth is, compared to what you’ll lose if you DON’T quit smoking, the few weeks of withdrawals are nothing, especially if you use certain techniques to manage with them.

Compared to the life you’re losing if you DON’T make a change – and soon—you’ll go through a lot more pain and suffering that’ll only get worse with time.

And what will that cost you?

The truth is, it’s robbing you of your life!

But you already know that…

Which begs the question: HOW Do I Quit?

After 13 years of smoking weed, I knew I had to quit. That was the scariest moment of all, because I had no idea where to begin, or if I would even make it. I was scared of what life would be like without weed.

That fear was necessary to make me take the process of quitting weed seriously. I knew I needed extra help, so I researched all the latest science, as well ancient wisdom, searching for something that would make the difference.

And I found it. So I used my new knowledge to make a plan to manage the struggles I knew I’d face.

Then, the day finally came. I officially quit. And yes, I went through all the symptoms. There were days when I wanted weed more than anything else in the world…

You See, there was a difference this time… I had systems in place to keep me going.

I learned how to use specific tools and techniques that helped me stay strong and helped me stay on track.

And things got easier. I created new habits, made new friends, and slowly, one day at a time, completely turned my life around. And you know what?

I realize now there was absolutely nothing to be scared of. I just had to learn that if you invest that time, focus, and money in yourself and the life you truly want, instead of investing it in weed every week…

You will gain so much more than you ever even imagined.

Just think about the kind of life you dreamed of when you were a kid. It’s time to dream again because you can have experiences similar to others who…

…Went from being shy with a low self-esteem to getting off the sofa and out making friends who respect her!

…Didn’t realize how foggy his mind really was, to finally getting his memory and personality back.

…Feels like he’s kick started his brain and his potential back into gear after they’ve been stagnant.

…Went from thinking about weed all the time, to landing a new job – one he really likes—and now he’s thinking of starting a business.

…Spent all her savings on weed but now has money for things she actually enjoys!

What People Are Saying About Their Success with the Program

Mate, This book has hit home so f***ing hard…Nothing has understood me like this before. Down from 3.5g a day to 0.5g, and my quit day is next Tuesday!

Thank you, thank you, thank you.” – Ben

What People Are Saying About Their Success with the Program

[Thanks for] sharing this information and helping –myself and countless others– in the journey of recovery …

Much Gratitude & Many Blessings To You.” – James

What People Are Saying About Their Success with the Program

“This is amazing–thank you so so much. This is the kick I needed. Words can’t describe how happy I am for finding this when I did. My friends have been dropping hints about my addiction and I failed to see them, but I have to hear the truth.” –Jade

What People Are Saying About Their Success with the Program

Hey, man. Thank you so much for helping me. Everything you’ve wrote has been a great help.

I pray you continue to help others.” – AJ

What People Are Saying About Their Success with the Program

“Thank you!!! I appreciate the work that you are doing!! We need people out there advocating and educating that weed addiction and withdraw is real! Namaste.” –Teresa

What People Are Saying About Their Success with the Program

“I used the patterns of thought and ideas that you brought up in your books and it really does work. The books are so well written and I am so grateful… I know many people will benefit from your books. Love and light from Australia xo.” –Sarah

I know exactly how it feels to experience loneliness, dread and guilt…

…But today I am healthy, I have great friends, and I am happily married. Not only do I save tons of money by not smoking weed, I am much smarter and never worry about finances. And I want all of that for you too!

That’s why wrote down what I learned, detailing everything I personally used to keep me strong and focused on the changes I wanted to make.

It became a step-by-step program—a guide to help people like you and me truly quit weed for good and find the clarity I found when I stopped smoking.


At its core, this program is a complete free guide from someone who knows exactly what you’re going through right now, because I have been where you are.

It will prepare you for quitting, give you the mental and physical tools to manage the withdrawals and help you stay strong.

This is literally everything I personally studied and used to help me quit smoking for good. I WISH I had this all in one place when I was quitting. It would have been so much easier, but now it’s available for you!

Here’s just a taste of what you’ll learn…

  • Whether or not to quit cold turkey (hint: I recommend you DON’T and tell you exactly what will set you up for success instead). Why quitting cold-turkey on willpower alone only sets you up for relapse.
  • The 3 Phases of Quitting Weed, the withdrawals to expect, and when- day by day, along with proven tips for managing and pushing through them, so you can make it past the first two weeks.
  • A no-fail technique to deal with urges and cravings. The 4-D technique helps every time and is crucial if you’re serious about quitting.
  • Why relapses can actually be a good thing (but ONLY if you do this one thing on page 76)
  • What to do about friends who smoke, so you don’t feel bad or cave in.
  • How to handle any emotions and feelings without weed. No need to numb them out because these techniques change everything!
  • How to manage life without weed. So you quit, but then what? You won’t last long unless you put these lifelong strategies in place to help you live life—without weed—to the fullest. This is KEY to quitting for good.
  • And so much more…
  • All at no cost to you.
The Entire Amazing Program

HOW DOES IT WORK? It all starts here!

The entire amazing program is a compilation of everything I researched, learned, and used to help me quit smoking weed and completely turn my life around.

It’s divided into 3 phases and is meant to be an interactive guide for you to follow as you go at your own pace. Included is an as-you-go manual —- covering, in-depth, everything you need to know about what to expect, what to do, and when to do it. Also included are 3 personal audios to support you during each phase.


Before You Quit

  • Audio: The program kicks off with a Welcome audio, welcoming you to the program and bolstering you for what’s to come. You get to know more about my story, where I was in life, and what happened when I quit. Most people find this very helpful because they can relate! You are NOT alone!
  • Quit Weed Guide: This section covers the part most other programs completely ignore—even though it’s the most important step! Here we set the foundation for everything you’ll need for when you actually quit. Don’t ignore this section! It is critical if you want to quit for good!

Phase 2


  • Audio: Includes the second audio, “Quitting Weed.” Part personal insight, part encouragement, and part coaching—listen to this audio as much as you need to when you need a helping hand.
  • Quit Weed Guide: This phase walks you through the exact stages you can expect when you start out to quit weed. You’ll discover what to do for your withdrawals day by day, how to prepare for them and how to manage them when they hit. You’ll also learn effective techniques for managing the feelings and emotions that come up during this stage. Don’t give up, this part only lasts a short time and it gets easier, especially when you use everything I teach you in this section.


Life After Weed

  • Audio: You’ve done it! This section concludes with a final encouraging audio from me.
  • Quit Weed Guide: Weed is often used to manage negative emotions and experiences by numbing them. This section dives deep into managing life without weed so you don’t ever need to rely on it –and get stuck with it—ever again.

That’s Not All! I Realized This Wasn’t Enough for True Success…

So I created 4 INCREDIBLY VALUABLE BONUSES that complete the program and support you even further, personalizing the process for your body and your life.

Note: These bonuses are crucial in helping you quit FOR GOOD because they help CEMENT the new habits you’re developing, and make it possible to quit weed for good.

The 4 incredibly valuable bonuses


Interactive Toolkit

This is, in my opinion the best part of the program. I refer to these exercises throughout the guide, and explain how and why they work. Here, you actively make plans, set up support systems, and ensure that you stay on track.


Detox Handbook

It is urgent to remove cannabis from the body as quickly as possible because withdrawal symptoms are typically the primary reason people go back to smoking weed. We cover what foods, herbs, and fluids to eat and drink. We even include an in-depth 5-day Detox plan.

PLUS! 2 Incredibly Helpful Audios…


Moment of Crisis Audio

This is GOLD!! Save this for when you feel an overwhelming urge to smoke weed. This will help you refocus, relax, and retrain your mind and body to resist the urges. Using this great tool shows how serious you are about quitting!


Mirror Technique Audio

This audio guides you through a special exercise that really works, literally changing the way you think about getting high so that you have more self-control, a better mindset, and a better self-awareness…all of which build strong mental resistance to urges!

The Point of Decision. You have 3 Choices…

You can do nothing. Continue to live the life you’ve been living…where you suffer through the cycle of guilt, shame, loneliness… Where you let weed rob you of ambition and motivation. Where you live in a foggy haze, always desperate for your next smoke. In this state you lose out on the relationships that are most important to you, as well as the opportunities life brings to live fully and be yourself!

You can figure out how to quit by yourself. This is entirely possible, but let me ask you a question… how many times have you tried already? You can do all the research I did and you can test it out on yourself and hopefully it will help, but you really don’t have to reinvent the wheel here.

You can take the short-cut and stand on my shoulders. I’ve been there, done that, and after trying everything else, I was successful ONLY because I learned how to anticipate every urge to smoke, how to manage my thoughts, how to find other activities, and so many other helpful techniques and strategies…all of which I share with you in the program!

There’s no need to reinvent the wheel here, I’ve taken everything into account, read the studies, and tested it all out. This works.

Trust the process, adapt it for your body and your life and when you follow each step…it just works.

This Is The Guide I Wish I Had When I Was Quitting

Look, you know you need help. You’ve probably tried in the past. And now you’re wondering…how much is this going to cost me?

But first, let’s rethink that question. Ask yourself this instead…

How Much Are You Spending On Weed Every Week?
How Much Will It Cost You If You DON’T Quit?

The truth is, by purchasing this program, it doesn’t actually cost you anything for two reasons:

1. If you stop buying weed, you’ll be saving money every week and you can use that money to buy this program instead

2. You’ll actually be INVESTING this money back into YOU, which is PRICELESS. This decision will pay you back over and over again through the clarity you’ll have, the freedom you’ll experience, the new jobs you’ll be able to get, and the new life you’ll live every single day.

And remember, this is NOT just a simple eBook for you to read.