For years I’ve gone to the same hair stylist every 3 weeks.  Her name is Mindy.  She does an awesome job and I’ve always tipped her well, even when my money was tight.  We like each other.  We have a good business relationship.

I’m sure she always thought I was an introvert.  In a typical visit, she would always try to make conversation at first and I would answer whatever small talk kind of question she would ask me but I rarely did my part to keep the conversation flowing.  She figured this out about me and didn’t push it.  She just thought I was one of her quieter clients.

About a year and a half ago that changed and I’m sure she’s still wondering what happened to me.

I was a couple of weeks into my non-weed smoking life and I scheduled my usual appointment.  I sat down in her chair and I proceeded to chat her up like the proverbial Cathy the whole time.  We went back and forth talking about everything under the sun.  I couldn’t shut up.

Had I changed?  No. I had just returned to the person I always was before I smoked weed all the time.  Mindy probably thinks I just started taking an anti-depressant or something.

When I left the stylist shop that day, I went on to the grocery store and made small talk with the cashier like I had a real personality.  In the coming days and weeks I noticed myself being more apt to talk to strangers, not in an obnoxious or obtrusive sort of way, but in pleasant, sociable kind of way.

I had returned to the pre-stoner Rick.

It wasn’t that I was ever anti-social.  My weed dependence just made me more introverted.  And there’s absolutely nothing wrong with being an introvert.  There’s just something wrong with over using a substance that changes your personality.

Getting my social swagger back is one of the many benefits I’ve enjoyed since quitting weed.  I tell you this only to illustrate that you too could see a similar benefit in breaking free of the weed habit.