What do you do when you feel depressed?

  • Do you want to run the f*** away from the world around you?
  • Do you lose all interest in life and in those you love?
  • Do you want to hide from the ominous cloud hanging over your head?
  • Do you want to turn your brain off and go to sleep?
  • Do you want to suck down some vapor of ganja and allow it to draw you into a dimension where things seem lighter and less oppressive?

I have dealt with depression on and off my entire life and when I discovered marijuana, I thought I had found the natural wonder drug that would slay it. In the beginning, marijuana truly broke me out of my depression, at least until the high wore off.

Although marijuana made me feel better in the short run, it made me feel more depressed in the long run.

Do you fear quitting weed depression?

Do you want to quit marijuana but fear the depression after quitting weed that accompanies marijuana withdrawal?  This is a common obstacle to beating the marijuana habit.

Since the body and brain are connected, the best way to deal with psychological withdrawal and depressive symptoms is to simultaneously deal with physical withdrawal through natural detox methods.

Get Through Weed Detox Then Conquer Depression Long Term

So what if you get through the initial withdrawal stages of marijuana detox with success but you have a history of depression that predates your marijuana use?

Marijuana and DepressionTwo things you can do for depression is to get talk therapy and to take prescribed anti-depressants.  I did both of these things years before I quit marijuana. Another thing that helps many people is a natural detox program to help you through the weed withdrawals. In addition there are many supplements that may help you get through quitting weed without depression. Lots of people use CBD Oil to help them through this time. There are many natural supplements to help with weed withdrawals and depression.

The talk therapy helped but I did not like the anti-depressants.  If you ask me, anti-depressants have side effects and withdrawal symptoms equal to or worse than marijuana which is one of many reasons I kept smoking even though there we also plenty of reasons not to.

Depression after quitting weed is serious business.  The more depressed you feel the more it behooves you to get professional help.

I will also tell you this though, I didn’t learn how to deal with my own depression until I learned to embrace it.  Once I accepted that melancholy was going to be a constant companion in my life, I then started developing the skills to manage it.

I do think I learned some coping skills through talk therapy in previous years but where I really think I learned the most about battling depression was through reading history.

That’s right, history.

It turns out that some of the highest achievers this world has ever seen dealt with ongoing depression.  My two favorites are Abraham Lincoln and Winston Churchill.

Constructively Channel Mental Anguish

Read enough about either one of these historic figures and it’s fairly obvious that they suffered from depression.  They tell it in their own words and their contemporaries describe it in them as well.

Lincoln was downright suicidal at times as a young adult.  Churchill had enough episodes of depression that he gave it a name:  “the black dog.”  There is nothing in the historic record to suggest that either one of them smoked pot to deal with it.

Now I’m not suggesting that you have to become the next Churchill or Lincoln (although you could if you wanted to!).  What I am suggesting is that you follow their example of channeling depression.

When they felt depressed, they got to moving, either mentally, physically, or both.  They took their bottled up inward anguish and pushed it outward in a constructive manner.

They found things bigger than themselves to work for.  They also accepted that they were not always going to wake up bright and cheerful.  On these kinds of days in particular, they worked harder toward the greater good of human kind.

Feel Your Depression, Don’t Fuel Your Depression

The greater good doesn’t have to be saving the world.  The greater good very often starts with saving yourself.

Feel your depression , don’t fuel your depression.

Marijuana and DepressionRead a book, exercise, meditate, eat better (that’s part of the detox process) and as you gain strength, gradually work your way outward.  Do more things for your family, reach out to an old friend, and just be kind to everyone you meet.  It doesn’t go unnoticed and it makes you feel less depressed.

If you’re a depressive person, the depression will always be there.  It will always be lurking in a dark corner to take you by surprise but by living with purpose, you shake it off a lot quicker.

If the depression clings to you, you tend to ignore it  when you’re too busy to notice.

Does this sound too easy, too simplistic, or even naive?  Maybe, but it seemed to work for Lincoln and Churchill which is why I gave it a try and I’m pleased with the results so far.  I don’t expect to achieve the things that they did, but my days are filled with productivity and meaning which goes a long way to keeping depression at bay.

For a good overview of how to quit smoking weed.