CBD Hemp Oil Brands We Trust For Support
in Quitting Weed

Choosing the right CBD Hemp Oil can be daunting. We’ve done the work for you. Hemp Oil can
help support you through weed withdrawals and may help with urges.

Choosing the right CBD Hemp Oil can be daunting.
We’ve done the work for you.

Here’s our Top Picks.

  • Most recommended liquid and capsule Endoca. Their total dedication to the highest standards along with excellent pricing can’t be beat.
  • Right behind is Receptra for liquid and capsules. Just a tad more expensive than Endoca.
  • For those that would like to vape their CBD Vapebright. Vapebright meets all our quality standards in a vape product.
  • Elixinol is our choice for unique products. They have a liposomal version of CBD Hemp that is delivered faster and more efficiently and their Respira line is in a unique mist form that can be used anywhere.

4 Best CBD Hemp Brands

  • 1Endoca
  • 2Receptra
  • 3Vape Bright
  • 4Elixinol


CBD Raw Hemp Oil

300mg CBD (Cannabidiol)


Receptra Naturals

300mg CBD (Cannabidiol)

Vape Bright

CBD Raw Hemp Oil

300mg CBD (Cannabidiol)


CBD Raw Hemp Oil

300mg CBD (Cannabidiol)

Choosing the Right CBD Hemp Product

In case you haven’t heard, there is a large movement of people who are excited about CBD Hemp Oil and its wide-ranging health benefits. But no one should be more excited than those of us who face the monumental task of quitting weed. That’s because CBD Hemp Oil helps support your recovery and wellness through the entire processing of quitting, surviving withdrawals, and may even help prevent a relapse. Its unique properties actually affect cannabinoid receptors in your brain to diminish side effects and reduce your cravings.

Because of these discoveries, and because CBD Hemp Oil has reportedly helped so many people quit weed successfully already, it is our responsibility to make sure as many people know about this as possible. In fact, we have made it part of our recommended protocol to support your process of quitting weed when you navigate Your Life Without Weed: The Guided Program.

For more information on how CBD Hemp Oil can help you quit weed.

Once you’ve become a true believer, hopeful and curious about the many ways Hemp CBD oil may support you on your path to overcoming weed withdrawal and to a life without weed, you’ve got to find the right company that offers the best option for you whether you prefer pure oil, vaping, or even chewing gum!

It can be overwhelming when you begin to learn about the vast range of companies and products available.

  • How do you know which products meet your specific needs?
  • What is an appropriate price range? Which companies can you trust?
  • How can you be sure you’re getting high-quality hemp CBD oil and not being ripped off?
  • What should you look for in a CBD company?
  • What does all the different terminology mean?
  • Why are there so many ways to take CBD hemp oil?
  • Which one is best for me?

We truly believe Hemp CBD oil can be instrumental in supporting your recovery by helping to reduce withdrawal symptoms and even preventing a future relapse! That’s why we have taken great care in doing the research for you to bring you the most reputable companies offering the highest quality CBD products for the best value.

In seeking to bring you the best Hemp CBD products available to help you successfully overcome withdrawals, we reviewed companies based on Quality, Safety, and Trustworthiness. We evaluated and selected them for their extraction processes and their values in supporting communities and charitable causes.

Most importantly, we have ensured that these companies:

  • Continuously test Hemp CBD for purity and strength so you get what you’re paying for
  • Extract using CO2 or Ethanol processes, so you’re not getting toxic chemicals
  • Use organically grown materials only to ensure purity and lack of pesticides

These reviews will take the anxiety and risk out of choosing the right CBD Hemp product for you and help get you started on the right path to a weed free life. You can’t go wrong with any of the products from these companies.


Endoca is our choice for the best liquid CBD hemp oil and capsules. This is because they have the very highest standards and their pricing is also amongst the best. Taking the liquid oil or a capsule are the most popular ways of using CBD Hemp because of their lower cost and availability.

The central goal at Endoca is to promote mindfulness around what we put in our body, to reduce (or cut out entirely) unnecessary chemicals found in food, detergents, and other products. The folks at Endoca commit themselves to the “Green Revolution” as their goal is to contribute to a 100% sustainable future.

Endoca grows their own hemp organically in Denmark, a country known for its low levels of pollution. Many other companies purchase their hemp from leftovers of the hemp fiber industry with little to no guarantee of quality care.

They have been awarded a GMP Certificate. Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) is a system that recognizes the quality standards to reduce risk in pharmaceutical production. The landmark of their company is quality control as they manage the entire process from growth to packaging. This ensures that the CBD hemp oil you receive is the highest quality in the world, pure and uncontaminated.

This company’s M.O. is empowerment through knowledge, mindfulness, and physical and mental well-being. They offer a wide range of products including CBD Hemp oils, extracts, capsules, crystals, suppositories, and chewing gum!

The people at Endoca believe that suppositories are the best way to use hemp oil. It is absorbed the quickest and most efficiently this way. It may be unappealing—but it works. BTW, it is how it’s used for people with severe illnesses like cancer because of how well it’s absorbed.

Receptra Naturals

Receptra is our number two choice for capsules and oil, right behind Endoca.

Receptra Naturals is family-owned and operated offering CBD Hemp oil products sourced from their farms in Colorado. They produce high-quality CBD using organic practices to extract the oil from the hemp flower without using seeds, stalks, or stems. Each plant is hand-picked and extraction takes place in their fully licensed facility in a contaminant free environment.

Included on their website is an Interactive Certificate of Analysis, offering an added layer of authenticity and transparency in conveying a sincere desire to offer premium Hemp oil products to their customers.

Their website is full of engaging and informative content, much of it centered on educating readers on how to get optimal results from their CBD Hemp oil products.

Their products are full-spectrum hemp oils and include wellness and active-life extracts, topicals for muscle and joint irritation, body butter, and even CBD Hemp oil for your pet!

Receptra focuses not only on high quality products, but products for active, healthy lifestyles. As part of this they have much information on their work with mixed marshal arts(MMA) stars.


Elixinol produces two unique products that provide delivery of the hemp CBD extract in a different way. One is their Respira line which is a spray(mist) that can be used most anywhere without bringing attention to yourself.

Their other unique product is a liposomal version of the CBD. Liposomal means that the molecule of CBD is bound to a fat. This allows for quicker and more effective absorption of the material.

Since 1991, Elixinol CEO Paul Benhaim has been working to develop the best organic hemp products for the mass market. They source their products from the highest quality organic available.

All of their products undergo rigorous testing by in-house as well as third-party laboratories to ensure the highest-quality CBD Hemp oil in the world. Utilizing pharmaceutical-grade testing is one of the company’s landmark practices, which allows them to test for potency, microbiological contamination, heavy metals, pesticides, and more.

For every product Elixinol creates, it provides batch and lot numbers to provide full transparency and traceability for their customers. Additionally, they have uploaded all certificates of analysis to their website for every product offering.

They use a chemical-free CO2 cold extraction process to minimize thermal degradation, meaning more of the plant’s natural oils are preserved because extraction occurs close to the natural botanical material and produces full-spectrum cannabinoids.

Elixinol is a for-benefit company and they donate 5% of every purchase to a charity of your choice.

Elixinol also employs a team of medical researchers in the field of CBD Hemp oil, and they are industry leaders in safety and product innovation.

Their products include CBD Hemp oil capsules and tinctures. The tinctures come in a natural flavor, cinnamint, or grape mint, and their flavor formulations offer more added benefits than just flavor. The Hemp CBD oil Liposomes come in a citrus twist flavor. Liposomes are designed to get into the bloodstream faster than standard tinctures and can be taken with water or sprayed directly under the tongue.

Their innovative X-Pen provides oral application in precise serving sizes with airless delivery, keeping your CBD Hemp oil free from air and bacteria for prolonged freshness. They have formulated a topical hemp balm designed to promote skin repair at the cellular level, and lip balm to rejuvenate cracked lips.

Also included in their product line are hemp seeds, protein powder, and CBD dog treats.

Vape Bright

Vaping is a great option because it provides the best absorption into the bloodstream at 99%. If vaping CBD Hemp oil is your preferred method, Vape Bright offers a superior organic hemp oil that tastes like cannabis, without the THC. Their premier product, the Thrive CBD vape oil offers a healthier and more potent vaping experience developed by their in-house chemist.

Vape Bright is also owned and operated by authentic individuals with a dedication to producing high-quality Hemp CBD oil that far surpasses the mainstream market offerings. Their industrial hemp is sourced from Scandinavia and their products are made without the use of propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, or fruity chemicals.

The vape pen battery lasts for roughly 100 inhalations, and each puff delivers 1mg of pure organic CBD. One thing I admire about their website is that they include a copy of their lab results a licensed physician who tested the CBD content levels. This transparency aligns with the company’s value system of contributing to a healthy and mindful global community.

Their products include starter packs with CBD Hemp oil cartridges, vape pen, battery charger and a case for an affordable introductory price. And of course, you can purchase replacement cartridges with an extra-strength option available as well.

FDA Disclosure

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