Weed Money. What’s the Cost?

After a long day at work, you may find it relaxing to light up a joint. Your muscles need to ease and your mind wants to stray from the stresses of the day. Throwing some hard-earned cash towards this sort of pleasure seems like an investment worth making.  However, you may catch yourself counting every last extra dollar of your paycheck for weed money. Just like cigarette addiction, marijuana dependence comes at a price. One of the benefits of quitting pot can be as simple as the money in your wallet.

Since you’re reading this article on weed and money you must have some concern about the amount of money you’re spending on it. Are there any other reasons other than money you’re thinking of smoking less or quitting altogether? Even if there isn’t the extra cash you’ll have is a pleasant perk.

Is Weed a Waste of Money?

How do you know if spending money on weed is a waste? One thing I can say is that if you’re getting anxious when your weed is running low and you’re concerned about getting more and wondering where the money will come from—that’s a problem. This may be telling you that you have an issue with weed dependence. Would this count as a waste of money?

If you’re finding that you’re not enjoying the weed as much as you did. That you need more just to get high. Is this a waste of money?

Do you find that your life is more and more centered around weed and its lifestyle? If this is the case, is this a waste of money?

Are you having issues with relationships and knowing your feelings? When you think of this, does it seem like spending money on weed is a waste of money?

People who chronically smoke marijuana can’t do it for free. When I was using, I had friends who needed extra cash for their weed money and their growing marijuana habits. Their solution was to sell pot. They were risking jail just to keep getting high since it wasn’t legal then. Does this sound like a waste?

Making My Money and Smoking it Up

Then again, most people aren’t looking to become drug dealers just to smoke weed. What tends to happen is pot becomes an exclusive amount of your weekly pay. Let’s say, you decide to take out a hundred bucks each paycheck to buy enough pot for the week. A hundred bucks a week for cannabis is a lot of money for many people. This is $5200 per year. What could you do with that amount of money? Just like cigarettes, the cost adds up more than you intend.

If you want to stop smoking pot because you’re tired of spending money on weed, you’re going to want to invest your money in other activities. Taking that weekly hundred and putting it towards other experiences is just one of the many perks. Just think of all the great things you could do with an extra $100 a week. This’ll buy a very nice date or some concert tickets.

The Cost of Getting High

Buying weed isn’t cheap. A gram of marijuana tends to cost between $10 to $20. For some people, that’s only enough for one smoke session. If you have multiple sessions throughout the day, you can see where the money adds up.

It’s given that if you purchase in bulk, the price drops down per gram. People tend to believe they’re saving money when they buy more pot. The more you buy the more you get for your buck. The sad truth is, the more you buy, the more you desire to get high. Buying in bulk only leads to smoking more. The urge to get high becomes more frequent if you have enough marijuana to last.

When this habit repeats itself, we have an addiction. You may be one of the many still debating whether pot is truly addicting or not.  Well now it’s a known disorder that’s classified in the DSM as Cannabis Related Disorder. If you want to know about weed addiction.

Location and Legalization

It should also be noted that where you live depends on how consumption can affect you. Marijuana is becoming legal in more states every year and is accepted in most places as “normal”.

Each state has their own agenda towards legalization and/or medical use. Accordingly, each state is affecting its marijuana consumers differently. Whether they’re legally smoking it or not.

With the advent of legalization, smoking is becoming more affordable. It also makes smoking weed legitimate. However, this comes at two costs. One being that more people will be getting their hands on pot. Two, the more likely addictive tendencies will occur. Once addiction becomes an issue, the amount of money you spend on marijuana also becomes more of an issue.

Learning how to quit smoking weed will one day be treated similarly to alcohol or nicotine addiction. But with the country’s enthusiastic approach towards legalization, the idea of dependence is usually neglected.

You’re Income Goes Up as You Quit Weed

There are many solutions you can take to assure your money stays in your wallet. If you’re unable to quit weed cold turkey, never forget the option of easing off marijuana. This is one of the best ways to spend less money on weed. Purchasing smaller quantities will force you to smoke less.

Still, when the time comes for you to detox your body from weed, there are other approaches you’re going to want to take. I’ve mentioned in previous articles that in order to know how to stop smoking weed, you’re going to have to know your body.

Your body needs to withdraw in order to sufficiently get rid of any THC chemicals still lingering. We offer a free natural way to quit weed and detox. Our program consists of 3 e-books and 5 audio tapes and is absolutely free. The goal of this site is to help as many people as possible that want to break free of weed to be able to do so.

As you learn how to quit smoking weed, you’ll be gradually seeing more money in your hands. Over time, I promise it will add up to numbers you weren’t thinking about as you were getting high.

As I mentioned, there are more benefits of quitting weed than just your money. Yet, the reward of extra cash is always something to look forward to and take advantage of.