Can Addictions Transfer?

Our goal is to teach you how to quit marijuana.  The last thing we want is for you to take another substance as its replacement.  Alcohol is the most accessible substance around.  It becomes a consistent threat to anyone who’s attempting to learn how to quit smoking weed.  Especially to those freshly 21 and finally able to join the bar scene.

There’s a lure in the socialization that drinking seems to promise. An appeal in being around large amounts of people and letting loose.  Unfortunately, alcohol can appear as a way for marijuana users to finally leave their stoned hermit shells.  They discover a new side of themselves that’s been hiding behind a cloud of smoke.

When I made the decision to learn how to stop smoking weed, I’d be lying to say that alcohol hadn’t crossed my mind.  I felt that maybe the bar would do the trick and offer a new kind of environment. One which wouldn’t give me the temptations to smoke and allow me to continue having good times with my friends.

It didn’t take long for me to realize that if I had pursued this lifestyle, I’d only be drowning my urges to get high rather than celebrating the life I felt I was missing out on.  The reason alcohol didn’t help me is because my goal was much more than simply replacing my addiction.

What If You Don’t Drink?

It’s safe to say that if you struggle with addictive tendencies, any substance is bound to only repeat the process of addiction.  But let’s say you’re strictly a pot smoker and don’t touch anything else, not even alcohol.  If you’re a chronic marijuana user, it’s been proven that you create less of a reaction to the pleasure chemical in the brain; dopamine. The reason being that weed is creating the dopamine for you.  What happens when you learn how to quit smoking marijuana?  Your dopamine receptors are going to be looking for a new sensation.  The problem with alcohol is that it gives off a similar pleasure in releasing dopamine. However, as a stimulant rather than a psychedelic, alcohol releases dopamine in the reward pathway of our minds.

Therefore, we not only receive a different kind experience through alcohol but also a different type of pleasure.  This same pleasure is released with other types of experiences; getting a promotion at work, falling in love, graduating college, and pretty much anything that gives us a sense that we’ve been rewarded.

If you’re wondering how to quit smoking weed, you’re going to want to avoid substituting the feeling of getting high with that of being drunk.  There are other ways to receive this dopamine that have nothing to do with substance use.

Filling the Void of Getting High

Alcohol is considered to be more socially acceptable even though many marijuana users defend the fact that smoking pot is safer.  To be fair, weed is a safer substance which is another good reason not to take a marijuana addiction and replace it with something more dangerous for your health.

When a chronic smoker wants to cut the habit of getting high, there’s a certain void he/she is going to want to fill. This void that may seem easily replaceable with alcohol.  In a study done by two New York universities*, it was discovered that regular pot smokers are five times more likely to develop an alcohol use disorder.  Even if they had little to no experience with alcohol previously.  The study claims that other drugs and tobacco also posed threats.  The reason being is this void I speak of.  Many people who’ve attempted to quit simply try to fill the void of getting high with something else.  If you want to know how to quit marijuana, it requires much more than just replacing the substance.

A detox of the chemicals in your body (which can stay months after quitting) is the only way to sufficiently get rid of that “itch”.  For more information on a natural detox;

By getting rid of these chemicals, you are allowing yourself to receive dopamine in a more natural way.  Your body will no longer depend on marijuana to feel good and therefore, won’t be seeking out other substances to make it feel good either.  Replacing this dopamine properly is an incredibly important step in the journey of quitting pot.

Getting High on What’s Already There

When someone tells you they get high on life, they feel their dopamine release through what’s already out there.  Exercising releases dopamine and can be accessible just by taking a jog around the block.  Being creative does the same and only takes a canvas and some paint. Or a pen and paper.  Listening to music, likewise, will release similar chemicals to that of smoking pot.  The point being, if you’re looking to figure out how to stop smoking weed, there are limitless ways to take the addiction and turn it into a healthy lifestyle.

Marijuana users are more likely to develop an alcohol addiction. We at want anything but another bad habit towards your new life.

*Study done by Columbia University and City University of New York, originally published in the journal Drug and Alcohol Dependence.