My Decision to Quit Weed

Despite my family and friends urging me to quit, the only reason I decided to quit smoking weed was for myself. I wanted a career as a writer, and I learned (the hard way) that getting stoned was keeping me too numb to be successful at it.

Now, a year and a half after quitting, I can safely say that my writing has progressed in ways I never expected. But, as it turned out, there was a whole lot more in store for me.

My name is Rick Neilson and there was a time in my life when I smoked marijuana every day. I thought of my habit as a harmless indulgence compared to other things to get hooked on like alcohol or hard drugs. I got to work on time and paid my bills, and I genuinely believed weed was harmless.

Then one day it dawned on me, that all I ever did was go to work and pay the bills (just barely sometimes) and all I could seem to think about was getting home to get high. I was high ALL THE TIME and not doing anything to get ahead in life. And I was fine with that, for a while.

That was the thing; marijuana gave me a false sense of comfort and satisfaction.

The Initial Decision

I was in San Francisco explaining a movie idea to an aspiring director. I gave him a spec script I had written expecting him to tell me how brilliant my writing was. I was high at the time, and I watched closely as he flipped through the pages. Slowly, but surely, his enthusiasm drained from his face.

Handing me back my script, he said the words I’ll never forget: “You know, Rick, before I read this, I felt you had a story. But this script is just awful. There’s no substance, no progression. It’s dry and unthoughtful. I wish I could tell you otherwise, but with this kind of work, you’ll never make it in this industry.”

I had no idea what to say, but I knew at that moment what my problem was. I had written the entire script while completely stoned. I was always told that weed is supposed to make you more creative. But I now realize what I had created was truly awful. The director gave me some advice. He said the characters needed more emotion. They were flat, uninteresting, emotionless creatures. **Ouch**

The Eureka Moment

The decision to quit came from recognizing that every area of my life was falling apart, and the common denominator was smoking weed. While high, I alienated my family, my girlfriend, and lost my desire to be a writer. My decision to quit came from deep within me, a desire to get my life back.

I tried to quit on a couple of occasions but I failed miserably every time I became overwhelmed with life, which was very often. Finally, I had had enough and I began to research like crazy how to quit weed without having to go to rehab or anything that would cost a ton of money. As it turned out, there wasn’t really anything out there that matched what I was looking for. And I found that many people in the world simply do not believe that weed is harmful or addictive.

Eventually, my frustration turned into inspiration, and I decided to design my own program to quit weed once and for all. Basically, I wrote the program that I had been searching for.

Life without weed

After I quit and straightened my life out, there were a lot of people who were shocked to see me doing so well. One friend asked how I did it, and he asked if I could send him a copy of my program. So, I did. Long story short, I have now helped hundreds of people with “Your Life Without Weed: A Guided Program.”

Without going on and on about myself, let me just say I’m a much more productive person than I used to be, and I feel happier and more fulfilled now than all those years smoking weed every single day. My relationships have improved since I quit weed, and now I’m married to the woman I love. I have a stable income doing work that I love. I am more energetic and clear-headed and I am ambitious about living the best life possible. I can’t believe how much I was missing out on and how great life can be without weed.

So back to you

You can enjoy life without weed and you can overcome the mind-numbing, life-sucking effects of weed dependence with the right plan and mindset.

Assuming you’ve already looked through the Home page, a great place to go next is my blog. In the blog you will find dozens of articles on all areas that will be of interest to weed smokers.

The sole purpose of this website is to offer the landing pad that I could never find when I was going through the very isolating process of quitting weed. Everything you find here is designed to do one thing: to give you the support and information and guidance you need to quit weed on your own, in the comfort of your home, drawing on your own inner strength, once and for all.

To learn exactly how I quit, including all of my research and everything I did, check out the complete guide.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with questions and to tell me about your journey to get your life back.

Rick Neilson