Tools to Quit Weed was started by Rick Neilson. Rick was a heavy stoner who realized that weed was getting in the way of moving forward with his life.

He found that there were many bits and pieces of information out there, but not a comprehensive program that would help him quit.

Rick researched the web for smart up-to-date information on quitting weed.

He put together the very best practical and scientific researched materials out there and created the Life Without Weed comprehensive program and followed it as he quit. It worked!

Rick’s friends began asking him for the program and before long the site was launched with the goal of helping as many people as possible that want to quit cannabis.

I quit for many of the same reasons that most people want to quit and haven’t looked back since. After college I was a social worker for several years and this gave me the desire to serve others. I currently run this site and do volunteer work.

I believe in using what works, so you’ll see lots of the latest methods used in marijuana dependency as well as the most recent scientific research.

You’ll see references to and other sites such as the Australian weed site that I believe are excellent support tools.