Want to Know if You’re Addicted to Weed?

In this article you’ll learn whether you or a loved one suffers from weed addiction. Marijuana addiction is now an official diagnosis and it’s called cannabis use disorder.  Marijuana is a drug and even though it’s commonly thought of as not harmful, some people become addicted to it. Below you’ll find many of the symptoms of marijuana addiction. People don’t usually think of drug abuse with marijuana since it’s not a “hard drug” and it can be used by most people much like someone who drinks socially. But for some people it can be devastating. We have a comprehensive article about weed addiction for those that want to know more about the subject.

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You need to get high to enjoy anything

It doesn’t matter what you do, it’s always lame unless there is weed involved.

Go outside and just chill with my friends on the beach? Lame. Oh, they’ll brings weed? Awesome, I’m in!

Spend the night playing Cards Against Humanity with your family? Yeah…start without me. I’ll be back in one hour, I have something to do.

If you can’t have fun without weed anymore, there is something wrong.

The first time you smoked it was probably….amazing.

You feel so relaxed. It’s fun, right?

Yeah, but like any drug, each time you have to consume more in order to keep the same level of pleasure.

Why? Because you and your body build up a tolerance for weed.

Soon the novelty wears off, and you see yourself smoking just because you have nothing better to do.

It’s still feels good, but not as much as at the beginning. Now smoking weed is just another part of your day, like eating or brushing your teeth.

Your body is so accustomed to the effects of weed, that it becomes impossible to enjoy basic things when you are sober. You have such a strong weed habit that you feel

good only when you are high.

You get anxious when your supply is low.

You are totally not addicted to weed, eh? How do you feel when you’re supply of weed is running low? Nervous just think about it , I bet.

You just can’t go a day without smoking some.

You are willing to drive miles just to grab your daily dose. It’s funny considering last week when your friend asked you to drive him to the mall, you couldn’t because you didn’t have money for gas. 

Dude (or dudette), you seriously need help. Weed like all drugs impacts your mental health and has withdrawal symptoms. 

You cancel plans because you’re too high or burned out.

You are in your bedroom chilling and high as fuck as usual. Your phone rings, it’s your good friend asking you when will you come to his family BBQ.

It’s nice of him, really.

Who doesn’t like grilled ribs, steak and chicken breast.

But there is a small problem : you are too stoned to interact with any human being.

Your eyes are red, you don’t have any pants on, and don’t plan to wear them anytime soon.

Sorry Mike, I have to babysit my niece today. Maybe next time.

I know, it’s not always like that. But be honest, how many times did you cancel plans just because you wanted to get high or simply because you were too stoned to do anything?

When you’re there, I think it’s time to question your lifestyle. Don’t let weed take too much space in your life.  Here’s more on social withdrawal for heavy weed smokers.

You need to smoke weed to fall asleep.

This is one of the worst negative side effects of weed. You can’t put yourself to sleep without smoking a joint before going to bed. If you’re interested in learning more about how weed affects sleep.

But I sleep so well after smoking! Yeah, I know.

The thing is : you are training your body to sleep only if you have your daily dose. At this stage, your body is weed craving.

This is the danger with a bad habit. At first we control it, but in the end it controls us.

It’s extremely difficult to break from this habit without changing your psychology towards weed. To learn more about how I quit smoking weed.

Your productivity dropped to (near) zero at work.

You’re always in your bubble.  You forget things. You’re just not into your job and your short-term memory has gone down the tubes.

If at work your brain is slower than your grandmother using a computer, you have a serious problem.

You are not as bright as before. Sometimes you have to read a sentence two or three times before your brain understands what you are reading.

Yeah…you should consider quitting weed, before your boss has to question your ability to do the job you are paid to do.

You like the idea of smoking weed more than actually smoking it.

Like most addictions, the things we picture in our heads, usually don’t reflect the reality.

Of course the idea of lying on the grass (no pun attended) with a blunt and nothing in your mind sounds really nice.

If you find yourself not enjoying smoking marijuana as you thought you would, but at the same time, you feel obligated to smoke weed. If you go without weed, and you feel something is wrong..then you need help.

Why are you addicted to weed?

I’ll keep it super simple. Basically, each time you are smoking weed, you are rewarded with a good feeling.

Our body is wired to seek what make us feel good, and avoid harmful things (this is why we feel pain).

Why? For survival purposes.

When you smoke weed your brain release dopamine (which is the pleasure hormone).

The thing is, when you use an external chemical substance to seek pleasure you are screwing your biological equilibrium.

How? Your body will create more or less chemicals than it creates normally to adjust to your the new drug use. And this is why we’ll probably never create a drug without negative side effect.

One of these negative side effects is : cannabis have an impact on your ability to function (memory trouble, slower reactivity, etc.)

Here’s a schema showing what THC (weed’s main psychoactive ingredient) does to your brain.

Infographic Endocannabinoid 8.23.16 post

(source : http://headsup.scholastic.com/students/the-science-of-marijuana)

Another reason lies in your lifestyle. There are periods in your life where almost everything goes wrong.

Maybe you don’t have as much social interaction as you would like. Or maybe you’re feeling alone. Maybe you don’t enjoy your job and don’t see yourself pursuing this career for another 20 years.

Whatever. I understand why you are attracted to marijuana because you only feel at peace when you smoke.

Bear in mind that, even if in the moment it seems like all your problems are gone, it’s not true. You can’t escape your problems by just pushing them under the rug.

No one else, nor any drugs (whether it’s weed, alcohol or any others drugs) can eliminate your problem, only you.