Music is the cornerstone of weed culture.  Numerous musicians from all genres and generations are well known for the way they incorporate marijuana into their art and way of life.  Far be it from me to deny their pleasure or their right to speak their mind by suggesting they should quit smoking weed.

As they more or less advertise weed as part of the celebrity lifestyle we all aspire to, they reinforce cultural attitudes.  This is not a judgment call about marijuana use, just a fact that illustrates the power of celebrity.  Which leads us to the next point…

Sometimes we justify our own behavior with that of others

Have you ever noticed how sometimes non-celebrity stoners love to point to their favorite artist.  They say something like “fill in the blank is a famous rock star/rapper/singer/what have you and he smokes pot all the time and he seems to being doing JUST FINE!”

It’s hard to argue with the logic but here’s a provocative question.  What do all of the following prominent people in the music industry have in common?

Kid Cudi – Paul McCartney – Lady Gaga – Mark Foster – Travis Barker – Cee Lo Green – George Michael – Andre 3000 – Neil Young – Alex Bleeker – Tyler the Creator – Tommy Brown – Jan Woo –  Lee “Scratch” Perry – Luka Usmiani – Lil Durk – Cedric Bixler Zavala – and last but certainly not least Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion.


Answer:  all of them have been heavily identified with weed culture yet every one of them has also come out and said that smoking weed had negative consequences in their life to one degree or another.  Some of them have quit smoking weed altogether, while others have made attempts to modify their use.

The point is, these high priests and priestesses of weed came to the conclusion that weed just ain’t all that.  It can actually be a stumbling block to a more fruitful life.  Toke on that for awhile.

Here are the resource articles about celebrities who quit smoking weed.  See it in their own words: