dreamstime_l_47898096How I Finally Quit Smoking Weed

Hello there.  Rick Neilson here.

I’m about to review my personal experience with a program called Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide.

This program may or may not be the right thing for you but hopefully my story will help you decide if it’s something worthwhile for you to look into. I suggest that you read some of our blog articles such as dealing with depression after quitting weed that are dealt with in The Complete Guide.

I Discovered a Way to Finally Quit Weed

One day I was surfing the net, stoned as a goat, and came across this guy, Seb Grant, himself a former pothead, who claimed he could get me off weed no matter how bad my habit was. Through this program I was able to avoid having any relapses, which is not easy to do.

“Yeah, right,” I thought.

I checked out his information page anyway and although I remained skeptical he got me to see my habit in a way I had never contemplated before.

Since it cost less than my usual bag of weed and he offered a 60 day no questions asked money back guarantee, I figured what the hell.  The worst that could happen is I’ll get my refund and go get another bag of weed.

Here’s what came with the program:

Quit Marijuana: The Complete eBook

quit-marijuana-The eBook begins by validating everything you’ve been going through with the weed habit and then it helps you understand how your dependence developed over time.  This is important because marijuana is unique among other substances in the way it is processed by the body and the mind.

With this knowledge in hand, you’ll then be more prepared to effectively use the strategies presented in the rest of the book.

It’s not recommended that you even attempt to quit before going through the self discovery process.  Why?  You’ve got to have a plan of action first and that’s what the next section of the book guides you through.

You take this huge obstacle and break it down into simple, actionable, manageable steps.

The eBook then introduces you to resources to help you reverse the damages of prolonged weed smoking, particularly in regards to memory and mental focus.

There is one concept in the book that may surprise you:  it gives you the option of either quitting pot permanently or just cutting back significantly and then controlling the habit.  It’s up to you, armed with the knowledge of your habit, as to which direction you’ll take.

The Quit Weed Video Program

The videos focus on changing your core beliefs about weed and give you practical tactics for resisting temptation.  There are seven videos with a complete playing time of about two hours.

The videos are the most entertaining part of the guide but they’re also informative and delve even deeper into cannabis psychology.  I would recommend watching the videos first in order to get more out of the eBook.

marijuana detoxificationThe Natural Detox Guide

If you’re experiencing intense withdrawals, the detox guide may be the most crucial part of the program for you.  The emphasis is on “natural” because many of those detoxification products you buy online or in head shops can be abrasive to the body.

Seb says this natural method can still remove the THC from your system in about a week but I couldn’t tell you this for certain since I didn’t take a drug test after using the guide but it did help me feel better.

The Quit Weed Audio Program

Many students consider the MP3’s the best part of the program.  You may find you use these more than the eBooks or the videos.

They’re great for learning on the go, while you’re getting other important stuff done in your life.  My favorite was the last one because it really got me excited and optimistic about life after weed.

Drawbacks of Quit Marijuana the Complete Guide

Is anything ever perfect?  Usually not.  Here’s what some may consider to be imperfections of the program:

  • The videos and MP3’s in particular employ some unconventional methods like neuro-linguistic programming and self hypnosis. You have to have an open mind or you won’t enjoy the program.
  • You won’t find anyone from the professional addiction industry endorsing this program. It’s their competition and may be different to how they would treat marijuana dependence. The only endorsements come from the former potheads who benefit from the program.
  • I like Seb and can relate to him but I also realize his style and approach isn’t going to be for everyone. 

Positives of Quit Marijuana the Complete Guide

Here’s what I believe makes this an excellent way to beat the weed habit for a lot of people:

  • How to Quit Smoking WeedWith two eBooks, seven videos, and three mp3s, you can mix and match the resources according to your own learning style and personality.
  • There’s a lot of content in the program but you can go through it quicker than you might think. Seb’s writing and conversational style is very down to earth.
  • He seems to care a great deal about helping you beat the weed habit due to his own past struggle.
  • The guide allows you to go at your own pace, from the comfort of home, away from prying eyes, without the hassles of 12 steps or rehab.
  • It costs about the same as a good bag of weed but lasts a lot longer.
  • If you get the program and decide it’s not for you, just say so within 60 days and you’ll get a full refund, no questions asked.
  • There are bonus resources that I didn’t even mention.
  • It’s all downloadable so you can start today! 

Enjoying a Weed Free Life

When I started this program, I stopped smoking weed within two weeks.  I then went 6 months without smoking weed, and to be perfectly honest, I did have a relapse of nearly 3 months.

After getting disgusted with myself once again, I went back through the program and followed some of the steps I was too cool to follow the first time.

As of this writing I’ve gone several whole years of living and thriving completely free of the marijuana habit.

Will you achieve the same results with the program?  I don’t know but if you’re ready to control your weed habit rather than allowing it to control you, why not take a few minutes to check out the guide?

Get the Complete guide   

A Little Background on a Former Pothead

I smoked marijuana for 15 years solid.

Like most regular marijuana smokers, I didn’t see anything wrong with my habit for the longest time.

I scoffed at the idea that there was any such thing as addiction to marijuana.  Even if I was addicted, I reasoned there were far worse things to be addicted to.

I believed marijuana to be the ultimate life enhancer.  It made everything sound, taste, feel, look, and smell better.  I felt like it opened my mind, put me in touch with my spiritual side, and propelled my creativity.

Maybe it did all these things for awhile but the marijuana habit has an insidious side that creeps up on you like a thief in the night.

The euphoria I used to feel smoking marijuana became more elusive over time and I found myself smoking copious amounts just to feel some semblance of normalcy.

Meanwhile, marijuana was sucking my mind and my future away so I decided to quit or take a break on several occasions but it would only last a day or two at a time.

All I could think about is how nice it would be to get stoned when I got home from work or how nice it would be to wake and bake in the morning.

Without weed, I was restless and unsatisfied but I was also very unsatisfied with what life had become smoking weed all the time.

I tried to focus on things to divert my attention from weed and start moving forward in life but in the back of my mind there was always this nagging little voice saying “get some weed, get some weed.”

Since quitting was so hard, I just kept smoking weed to fool myself into an imagined happiness….

Talk about a never ending, unhappy, and fruitless cycle.