How To Quit Weed Without Withdrawal Or Sleepless Nights

Plus: Natural Marijuana Detox At Home

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  • I’m about to share some of the best strategies to help you quit weed easily
  • Plus, you’ll also learn some modern techniques now available to you

Because if you’re anything like I was…

You’ve tried to quit weed before (honestly) – and you’ve still failed!

You probably already know there isn’t much help out there for us weed smokers, and the longer you keep smoking pot, the harder it is to quit:

So What’s The Good News?

You’ve just discovered a solution that has helped over 10,000 people quit weed

This guide helps weed smokers go from stoned to 100% clean in both body and mind

Discover The 2 CRITICAL REASONS Many Regular Smokers Trying To Quit – Fail Within 2 Weeks


The active ingredient in marijuana (and the reason you smoke weed) is THC

And THC content, in the weed you smoke, is rising all the time

Weed grown in 2016 is twice as strong as marijuana grown just 7 years ago

Weed is now a harder drug

This is often overlooked – and many people that smoke weed regularly (or for a long time) are now experiencing serious problems when they try to quit weed


It’s crazy, but most people trying to quit weed do nothing to help detoxify

Detox is more important in marijuana than in any other drug…

This is becoming more popular for people quitting weed, because the chemicals in weed have an ability to stay in your body for a long time

Detox designed for marijuana will flush your system of built up toxins, helping you quit weed easily. This can also help stop cravings to smoke weed, created in your body

Sometimes these occur months after you actually stop smoking

Let’s talk about your main problem:

**Your problem starts here**

When you inhale weed, THC moves quickly from your lungs to your bloodstream to get you stoned, we know this. But from that point on, weed is completely different to any other drug… Why?

Because after getting you high:
Metabolites of marijuana store in the fat cells of your body and stay there for months

You think that makes it harder to quit?

It does.

While still inside your body, marijuana is released slowly back into your bloodstream

This can give you a lack of focus, emotional mood swings, lower energy, headaches, stomach pains, and even sometimes a feeling of still being stoned – even if you haven’t smoked for days!

Do you want to know the real problem?
Cravings to smoke more marijuana

IMPORTANT: You may already have a build up of toxins in your body

Smoking too much gives you a build up of toxins:

  • So you smoke more often, bringing you even more
  • Your cycle never ends unless you take action
  • Even when you do take action, it can take up to 3 months…

You continue feeding your addiction. To quit weed without understanding your problem, is kind of like somebody trying to quit smoking cigarettes yet still sucking down 2 or 3 smokes every day

If you are trying to quit weed – and you still feel the need to smoke weed, this could be why. Willpower alone is not the best method to quit marijuana successfully, and you may be going about this the hard way.

Are You Physically Addicted To Weed?

A regular marijuana smoker will experience many physical symptoms when they quit.

Thing is, most smokers believe weed has no physical effects at all

This is another reason why so many have trouble quitting…

Sure, the ‘marijuana habit’ is mostly psychological

However, contrary to the common belief, modern scientific findings are now showing us that marijuana actually can create physical withdrawals in your body, that smoking weed relieves

This is creating your vicious cycle

You might even notice these physical symptoms when you stop smoking

Do you?

Have you noticed the common things like:

  • Not being able to sleep easily without weed
  • Problems with eating regularly / hunger pains
  • Feeling ‘sluggish’ or having a lack of energy
  • Even a physical feeling of ‘something missing’
  • Feeling unfulfilled, or even flat-out depressed…

By removing toxins in your body, you can eliminate cravings and even physical withdrawals

This way of quitting is easier than trying to fight your own thoughts, feelings and desires created in psychological addiction. Smokers now have a real method to follow in order to quit weed…

What Is The Best Way To Quit?

The proven method to quit weed is to deal with your body & mind

Re-establish the way you actually think about weed – and give your body a marijuana detox

This isn’t a long process and is great for your health

It is also the most successful method to quit smoking pot

Once you think about marijuana differently, and detox denies your body of any cravings or withdrawals, you will find yourself turning down weed offered to you, much more naturally

A good feeling… Imagine this:

No matter how difficult it is right now…

When you have control, you can smoke weed less and on your own terms – or not at all…

With this new ability, even people that smoke marijuana daily for years, can quit permanently

Or just cut back to once a month… Remember, you will be in control of your addiction for once, and you will have the power to make that decision, and you will keep this power forever

How would this change your life?


“I smoked marijuana since I was 15. I wanted to quit ever since my son was born but he is now 8 and growing up fast. Recently the doctor told me that smoking marijuana was the reason my asthma was getting so bad. He said I needed to quit or in a couple of years I was going to develop emphysema.With this guide and detox program I quit marijuana quickly. It really made me feel healthy. Not only that but I look healthier and I have loads more energy. Now I can (sort of) keep up with my son playing football!”

Peter Jacobs – NJ, USA

Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide

Helped Over 10,000 People Quit Weed In 27 Countries


No 12 Step Program… No Stress…

The Complete Guide makes use of modern methods to help you quit weed. This now famous guide has helped thousands of people overcome marijuana. Never spend another cent on marijuana, munchies, detox kits, rehab or overpriced therapy again

Like thousands before you, quit weed the easy way…

    • Defuse your psychological addiction
    • ONE sneaky secret to banish your cravings for weed
    • How to get to sleep naturally, without smoking marijuana
    • What you will feel and REAL-LIFE Solutions that actually work
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    • Lung Cleansing Course:
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    • Gain 24/7 personal email support or talk to other “marijuana quitters”
    • **WARNING** This guide changes how you actually look at weed!

“I quit weed! I still have the hazy memories from being wasted 24/7 for soooo long, but like it says, it is coming back with time. I am happy I quit when I did. The biggest difference for me is being able to recall the things that happen. I love it when I catch myself out talking quickly or being witty! That never used to happen! I am so happy to have my brain back”Ian Humphreys – BC, Canada


Monte Sutton – SA, Australia


“Smoked for 20 years. My family bought me this guide and made me do it. Honestly I never knew it had got so bad until they did. It was a good thing and its like someone slapped me and showed me a different angle of my whole life. There is more to it then being stoned and I quit without problems. I also used the same strategies to stop drinking but that is another story!”Gavin Emerson – USA


“I have tried to quit weed about ten times before. I could tell for the last year or so it has been holding me back. Since I had this guide I have been reading it like crazy! Lots of great ideas in here! Stuff I have never thought of before too! Its working well and I am not thinking about being stoned all day! Oh and the marijuana detox by itself is great!! Well done and thanks guys!”Andrew Nelson – FL, USA

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This is a natural course to detox your body without using dangerous artificial man-made detox kits, and designed specifically to reduce cravings and eliminating withdrawals associated with marijuanaIn order to detox your body properly you will be using special detoxifying agents, natural products, vitamins, fresh herbs and some rare homely ingredients. This course also includes:

Quit Weed & Succeed: Detox meal plans – Detox meals specifically designed for marijuana addiction. Perform a complete marijuana detox yourself, at home. Flushing out your entire system of built up toxins

  • Defuse your physical addiction
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“Glad I got this guide! Not only did I pass the drug test at work (in 2 days BTW) but also I quit weed without even planning! I never thought I would stop smoking weed. I am a completely different person now and my family is happy to have the real me back. I also planned a trip to Africa – not possible when I was stoned! Excellent guide and it really worked!”Ruby Morrison – VIC, AUS


“Wow, wow and WOW! What an incredible mix of informative strategies!! I can’t even tell you how much healthier I feel… I couldn’t have done it without this innovative detoxification! Best thing I ever did! Thank you guys on a job well done”Caton Jiminez – CA, USA


“Hi, Thank you, I am a believer of cleansing organically. I have already downloaded most of the programs and I am getting acquainted with the new methods now available to me so I can have my son start. I am really impressed with this material!” Judith Campbell – Auk, New Zealand

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Life After Marijuana is an audio program designed to help you after you quit – assisting you to make the decision to quit and follow through, but also help you replace your addiction with healthy alternatives.

Considered the most powerful audio program to help you quit weed, Life After Marijuana has quickly become one of the most used marijuana audio programs online. Rule one in this bizarre audio?

1. Don’t quit weed yet…

Does it get easier to follow? If quitting marijuana is still a difficult choice to make for you, you shouldn’t try to quit half-heartedly using willpower on your own. That’s the easiest way to fail.

Instead of forcing you, this audio serves to change your mind (so you quit by choice). You still quit weed when you want to, but the difference this time – without even knowing it – you’ll actually keep your promise due to a strong use of N.L.P, Meditation, Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy.

This 3-part audio changes your perception of weed and breaks quitting marijuana up into easy and manageable steps. Time your quitting date with session 2, you’ll not start smoking weed again!

What Is Inside Life After Marijuana?

Life After Marijuana Includes 3 Life-Changing Sessions:

The 1st session you’ll listen to right away. It reveals things about marijuana you may not know. You don’t need to quit weed yet! If you smoke weed this session will cause you to see your relationship to marijuana in a different way – exactly what you may need right now!

The 2nd sessionis the day you quit weed. This session is clear advice about what to expect when you quit and how to deal with each situation from cravings to sleeping problems, from social life to withdrawals. You also get a solid plan to deal with each one.

The 3rd sessionis the most powerful & designed to leave you not only completely free of marijuana & addiction, but also hungry for a new life of success – whatever it means to you. This session goes above and beyond marijuana, and may just change your life!


“It’s all about the second session. I don’t feel the need to smoke marijuana at all anymore, let alone every stupid day! That thought makes me sick now and so much time wasted! I think I understand the process more now. Enough to at least put it in action in all other areas of my life”Suzy Nortonne – NM, USA


“Life After Marijuana is an over-delivered audio program. I was a bit skeptical but it worked better than I thought it would. This program goes right to the bottom and back about marijuana addiction and human behavior. How to create a fulfilling life without drugs. No stone unturned and a complete respect from me to the creator of this audio program. I feel a little spiritual…”Cameron Pickerin – CA, USA


“Something about this audio is just cool. I like the way the voice changes up if the mood suddenly switches and how the strategies and information and stuff just sink in like they should. I learn best with audio so this was perfect for me. Listened to all audios twice. This stuff really works”Lisa Colle – England

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This course has 7 modules and a bonus disc, each disc has a specific purpose. This program is designed to take you from a heavy smoker to a non-smoker, quickly, and with as little pain as possible.

Subliminal messaging is built into this programThat means, while you learn about marijuana and how “smoking regularly” affects your life, you will also become empowered to escape this “ninja addiction” yourself, both consciously and unconsciously.

you’ll be exposed to powerful subliminal messages directed towards your sub-conscious.

These subliminal messages are designed to help you, and could be in the form of faint sounds, or more powerfully, a flicker that only your sub-conscious is aware of. You may notice a subliminal message and that’s okay. Some are quicker than others. You will not notice all of them.

Bonus Disc: 2 Extra Videos + Audio Interview

years, to quitting completely in a heartbeat. Plus, how he helped over 10,000 people quit weed.

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide
+ Quit Marijuana Video Program
+ Natural Marijuana Detox
+ Life After Marijuana

From The Author:

Seb Grant
March, 2016

I started smoking weed daily when I was 14 – and that didn’t stop until 27.

So that’s 13 years – HIGH! I know, a long time. The worst part? For the last few years I was hopelessly trying to quit. Many people told me weed isn’t even addictive. If you’ve been told the same thing, think about alcohol for a second:

Most people drink socially – take it or leave it, right?

But you also have your alcoholics, don’t you?

They drink too often – all the time – and it ruins many lives (not only theirs but others too).

Well I was the “alcoholic” of weed.

Now I know for an undeniable fact: Many people are like I was…

You just keep smiling.

You just keep smoking.

While you lose:

  • Motivation
  • Clarity
  • Focus

Every day…

…while you lose everything that was given to you…

…day after day after day.

That’s what I went through for years and it stopped me from achieving just about anything.

But I’m Lucky

These days I enjoy a clean life, without smoking weed. I have no addictions, and I can think clearly and make decisions quickly. I look and feel great, and I enjoy more confidence and overall happiness in my life.

All because I learned HOW to quit weed, instead of just “trying to quit” over & over again (like so many people do)

Instead of “trying” I learned HOW to control my actions and how certain I was about them.

For example:

Are you still unsure if you should quit weed?

I’ll bet.

Maybe you still believe marijuana has benefits in your life…

Or (if you’re honest) maybe you are seriously worried or even fearful about losing the comfort weed brings, so predictably and so often…

I felt the same way.

So just look at it like this:

  • Have you tried to quit weed before?
  • And failed!?
  • More than once?

So don’t over-complicate the situation!

It is this simple:

If you’ve tried to quit weed before, and you failed, you have a problem.

You Should Be Successful, Right?

But you aren’t…

…and most people in your position continue to do nothing about it – they just keep smoking weed to escape the problem weed is actually causing

Because most regular smokers get stuck in “Analysis Paralysis” mode.

They never take action…

They think too much…

But for some reason, they never ‘think’ to blame their weed habit.

There is no doubt in my mind, that in order for you to see the potential in your life explode (beyond anything you could possibly imagine) all you need to do is quit weed…

But one thing stops you:


Are You Ready?

To ACTUALLY quit weed?

To REALLY take control? Not just “say you want to” and end up stoned next time someone offers you some (have you done that?)

You might not feel like you are ready.

But what I’ve found over the years is, you are ready

Without a doubt…

It is no coincidence you are still here, carefully reading this page today. It isn’t some fluke that you’ve just found a full proof plan to quit weed that has already worked for over 10,000 people.

That isn’t really up for debate. Anywhere you look you will find good feedback about ‘The Complete Guide’ because it has worked for many 1000s of people in your position.

Why would you be any different?

…and just to make sure I’ve included other courses:

  • Natural Marijuana Detox
  • Life After Marijuana: Audio Program
  • Quit Marijuana Video Program

These are all unique programs; complete courses on their own, and although I’m including them all I haven’t raised the price just yet.

I want EVERYONE to have a chance to quit weed properly

If you are someone that worries about spending money on improving yourself and becoming a better version of yourself, consider this:

How much do you spend on weed in a week?

Too stoned to work it out?

Do it any way…

HONESTLY: “How much of your weekly cash goes ‘up in smoke’ right now?”

The truth is, NOT quitting weed is costing you a fortune!

But this isn’t even about money, is it?

Not even about sleepless nights or painful withdrawals, either…

They are excuses.

How much has ‘being stoned’ cost you in your life – so far?

  • In your friends & family?
  • In your physical health?
  • In your mental health?
  • In your appearance?
  • In your career or education?
  • In your ability to think clearly?
  • In your ability to handle emotion?
  • In your relationships – with the people you love?
  • In your ability to provide for yourself – or anyone?
  • In you?

It’s sad.

When you smoke weed all the time, it plays a big part in your whole life.

The scary part is…

Sometimes you can’t even see it!

But you will soon, because when you quit smoking weed every day, your perception of the world will change for the better.

It will soon be very obvious that quitting was the right choice.

And right now you have that decision to make:

1. You can continue smoking weed, until you want to quit again
(it could take weeks, months, or years, but it always comes up again)

2. You could try to quit on your own, yet another time
“Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results”
– Albert Einstein

3. Or you can learn how to quit weed with me today. It means you can continue smoking for now, as we work together to change how you think about marijuana, and how you perceive being stoned.

Then, you can quit weed in your own time, on your own terms…

Let’s Get Started

Quit Marijuana The Complete Guide
+ Quit Marijuana Video Program
+ Natural Marijuana Detox
+ Life After Marijuana

Yes! Full 60 Day 100% Money Back Guarantee

After 10,000 people, I’m confident this will work for you too. That is why we offer a FULL 60 day money back guarantee – if you follow ‘The Complete Guide’ and if you’re not convinced it helped you quit, just ask for your money back. Simple. That’s over 8 weeks to try us out! It’s easy, just shoot me (Seb) an email at and let me know – I will not even ask questions. Hey, you can even keep The Complete Guide as a “thank you” just for trying us out..

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“Hey, My name is Matt. I’m 27 years old. I’ve been smoking weed for 13 years. It started slow, but got worse, with the only breaks being while I was on probation. I’ve done harder drugs…All of them and quite a bit of them. Now I smoke weed, cigarettes and drinkI’m working the program. I’ve set a quit date. Four days away. I feel with your help I was able to create a strong foundation for the structure of quitting smoking. I like the part about people with addictive personalities being obsessive compulsive and how to achieve greatness when unleashed

That described me very well. My biggest breakthrough was that now I know how to stay calm because I have so much energy that I could become overly neurotic and extreme. I am serious about quitting. For once I know I will prove successful. Thanks again for this program”

Matt Richardson – NSW, Australia


“I was the worst with pot. I gave up on giving up. I was also very depressed and thought I would smoke buds for life. Found this quit weed guide and natural detox stuff and I can’t believe how well it works! I never felt this fresh in my life! I was the worst pothead (was even stoned when I ordered it) and it worked for me. I still cant believe that I dont smoke pot anymore!”Hamish Bezines – AB, Canada


“Seb, so you know, I get a lot of e mails, but yesterday, all I wanted was something from you. I can’t believe you spent all the time to write back to me. I can tell you have a “higher calling” that motivates you to help others. Your plan is by far the best approach I have seen. I really appreciate your personal effort. This may be the best 67 bucks I ever spent. (feel free to quote me).Your program makes the necessary negative association, which along with everything else, has taken the fun out of smoking and now it is just a bad habit. I guess that was the point. I can clearly say I am doing this for me, but perhaps the timing is not my own. All that is fine though, I needed a push, and you are doing a good thing very well, I imagine it could be quite rewarding

Your best point and my underlying issue is that if you have to keep going to meetings with the losers you are trying to get away from, then you are not free of anything…. Thanks again Seb, I really feel like I owe you a debt of gratitude, and will keep you posted…”

Dean Burch (Associate Director) – NY, USA

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“I smoked weed all the time for about 15 years. I had to quit many times before but never for a long time. Started using this course the same day I got it. About 1 week later I quit smoking pot. This detox took away the urge to smoke that I got. I recommend doing this course to anyone who needs to quit marijuana.”Bryan Price – QLD, Australia


“You helped me sleep and your detox gave me energy. You also helped me talk to people and look them in the eyes with no anxiety. That meant more then anything. Thank you deeply from the bottom of my heart”Simon Ivy – MA, USA


“Originally purchased your program after screwing up my ‘New Years Resolution’ in January. Wasn’t until June that my life turned to crap and my boyfriend broke up with me and everything else. I was sitting alone in my messy flat, no food or money or weed. Picking up your guide helped me quit and I haven’t smoked weed in over 12 months now. I feel like your guide gave me more control so I make better decisions. I also still keep in contact with a friend from the UK that I met in your forum. She quit too so I’m letting you know it was a HIGHly :-p successful program for her and I, and you are also bringing people together! Love from the west coast Seb”Sarah Mcleish – WA, Australia

Remember: This course has a full 8 Week Money Back Guarantee because it works!“If you do not quit and enjoy a better life, we haven’t done our job and you have 8 full weeks to decide if you want your money back. Take advantage of this solution and don’t miss this risk-free offer…”

Click here to get started…

P.S One day soon you will honestly look back & know without a doubt this was one of those defining moments in your life when things truly “changed” for you… and this moment helped you reach success you always knew you had inside