Ever find yourself doing something truly odd? Like crawling on all fours and meowing? That’s what one young friend started doing after taking a few grams of synthetic weed. But this drug will severely damage to your brain and body in a short time. You can’t reverse most of the damage. That’s one of the [...]

Are you familiar with Ted Talks?  They are a series of very thoughtful presentations, or talks, that take place around the world.  You can watch these presentations on Ted.com.  Anyway, here’s a very powerful Ted Talk on addiction, that you simply must watch.  This helped me gain a better understanding of my own marijuana withdrawal issues. This video [...]

With weed now being legalized across the nation, we are seeing more young people willing to get high. A subculture has been born in resistance to marijuana’s prolonged criminalization. If you’re one of the many who wants to know how to stop smoking weed, you may find yourself questioning this subgroup. There’s good that can [...]

There are several marijuana withdrawal symptoms associated with quitting weed.  We will get to them momentarily along with how to stop smoking weed without withdrawals.  But there is one significant symptom tied to chronic marijuana use that warrants your immediate attention:  the act of withdrawal itself, social and psychological. Say what? What we’re talking about [...]

Drug dreams are common in early recovery. They may come almost nightly at first and even several years into your recovery, they may start up again. I’ve been clean for a while now but years back, these dream episodes started happening again. They were vivid and nightmarish and I was tempted to suppress them with [...]

Teens who use marijuana are at a higher risk of developing an addiction to it, according to Dr. Kevin P. Hill, author of Marijuana, the Unbiased Truth.  Dr. Hill’s findings show that about 9% of adults and 17% of adolescents who use marijuana become dependent on it.* This site's mission is to help as many [...]

You won’t quit weed if you keep rationalizing it – if you keep believing in its so-called benefits.  Weed is not a friendly drug. It wreaks havoc on your body and brain. So instead of making excuses look for solid strategies for quitting weed. Marijuana use among people over 12 rose from about 14 million [...]

It’s not unusual for you to feel angry, aggressive and irritable when you’ve quit weed. These feelings have always existed in you but you buried them under your weed addiction. Now with the weed gone, they’re back in full force. But your anger is out of control. I know from experience that rampant anger messes [...]

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