My name is Rick Neilson and there was a time in my life when I smoked marijuana every day. I thought of my habit as a harmless indulgence compared to other things to get hooked on like alcohol or hard drugs. I got to work on time and paid my bills, so what’s the harm?

Then one day, it dawned on me that’s all I ever did was go to work and pay the bills (just barely sometimes). The rest of the time, I was stoned and not doing anything in particular to get ahead in life.

Marijuana gave me a false sense of comfort and satisfaction.

I tried to quit on a couple of occasions and failed but then I came across Quit Marijuana: The Complete Guide by a former stoner named Seb Grant and it changed my life.

I thought it was hocus-pocus at first but I followed the directions and lo and behold, I quit my daily weed habit.  I did have a relapse which I explain in the Quit Weed Blog but I recovered from that and permanently ended my dependence on weed.

Without going on and on about myself, let me just say I’m a much more productive person than I used to be and I feel happier and more fulfilled now than all those years smoking weed on a daily basis. My relationships have improved since I quit weed and now I’m in a very successful relationship with a woman I love.

My income has risen because I am more energetic and clear headed and I’m ambitious again. I can’t believe how much my friendships have grown since quitting.

So back to you:

You can enjoy life without weed and you can overcome the mind numbing, life sucking effects of weed dependence with the right plan and mindset.

Assuming you’ve already looked through the Home Page, a great place to go next is our blog. In the blog we have dozens of articles on all areas that will be of interest to weed smokers. For example, our blog on three things to not do when quitting marijuana will open your eyes.

We are here to help you quit your cannabis habit if that’s what you’d like to do. Please reach out to us whenever you like. To learn more about the Complete Guide.