10 Reasons to Stop Smoking Weed

The first and most critical step to stop smoking weed is to identify your “why”. This article describes the most popular reasons to stop smoking weed.

Mental Clarity

For a lot of lifelong smokers, this is the #1 motivating factor.  We find ourselves forgetting names, facts, simple procedures, and saying “uuuhhhhh…” a lot.  We feel like we live in a fog and can’t concentrate hours or even days after smoking weed.  This alone is one of the major reasons to stop smoking weed.


A lot of bright, high potential individuals find that smoking pot kills their ambition. They come up with some incredible ideas while they’re stoned but then do nothing to bring their creativity to fruition. Sadly, they settle into a life of complacency rather than living up to their full potential, which is a benefit to quitting smoking weed.


The older you get, the more pot will zap your energy. Many of us smoke pot to overcome tiredness so we can get through the mundane tasks of life. This is a vicious cycle though. The high may temporarily help you ignore the tired feeling in your bones but it also robs your lungs and bloodstream of oxygen making you feel lethargic all over again.

Better Eating Habits

THC does indeed speed up your metabolism which may counteract gaining weight from the munchies. Whether you’re fat or thin though, eating whole jars of peanut butter, entire bags of potato chips, or even too much of a healthy food at one time is never good for your digestive system or you overall health.

Cleaner Lungs

There’s lots of conflicting evidence about the effects of marijuana smoke on the lungs. Researchers are in agreement though that pot smoke has a lot of tar and that chronic use leads to the build up of tar which can lead to cancer, emphysema, and other serious health issues. Some pot smokers use vaporizers to avoid the tar but the vapor still has other components that we still do not know the full impact of on the lungs from long term use.

No Legal Concerns

Many of us can go for years of smoking weed without getting in trouble with the law. The growing trend of legalization also makes many of us more brazen about our pot smoking. However, marijuana possession is still illegal in most states and it is still a federal crime. All it takes is a traffic stop, a strident police officer, and probable cause for an otherwise model citizen to be turned into a criminal. It happens all the time.

Personal Safety

You may feel perfectly safe around your dealer. However, somewhere along the supply chain, there is some big time criminal activity going on. It’s no secret that people who make a living illegally are more likely to engage in other antisocial behaviors including violence. What if your dealer’s dealer is pissed off at him or her for some reason? With each visit with your dealer, you increase your chances of being caught in the middle of something that could cause you physical harm.


Good pot is not cheap these days. Add up all the money you spent on weed last year. If you’re a habitual user, you easily spent hundreds, if not thousands of dollars. Could that money have gone to paying off a debt, building up a retirement fund, or improving your life in some other way?

Social Life

Even though most of us start out smoking weed as a social activity, chronic users end up smoking alone more often than not. We end up avoiding family, friends, and social situations due to the paranoia or listlessness we feel while stoned. If you’re tired of feeling isolated, stop smoking pot.

Self Esteem

There is mounting psychological research that connects heavy pot use to anxiety and depression. Like users of any other drug, pot smokers do what they do to alleviate their pain but end up creating deeper anxiety and depression for themselves. Do some hard work for a lifelong benefit. Embrace and solve life’s problems rather than inhaling smoke to pretend they don’t exist and find a sustained satisfaction with life in the long run.

There are plenty of other reasons to stop smoking weed. Each person has a list unique to themselves.

Many of us stop smoking weed through pure “will power” many times over. The problem is we take the habit back up again and again.

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